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Top Tier Trends on October 2, 2020

The last week was very surprised! Because Alicia Keys reveals which pair of Sneakers are her favorite. Furthermore, TIME magazine chooses Lewis Hamilton as one of the most influential persons in the world. Come on! Go over the Top Tier Trends on October 2, 2020.

Stick around because Kanye West is serious in his comments about Adidas and Jordans. Additionally, ‘Sneakerheads’ is now streaming on Netflix, the series will catch you from the very beginning!

All you need to know about Sneakers’ world is here, in your Weekly Newsletter Top Tier Trends!

Top Tier Trends on October 2, 2020

1. The reason why Alicia Keys loves the ‘Chunky Dunkys’

During an interview in a “Sneaker Shopping.” The New York singer revealed what is the reason for her love for the Chunky Dunkys. She said: “That particular ice cream is classic and the Dunks are so fire”.

In Top Tier Trends we think that as a result of her ‘rough’ look, the comment is a surprise. Yet, we are sure that Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky makes a perfect connection with Alicia’s style.

2. Lewis Hamilton is one of the most influential persons in the world. According to TIME magazine. But, that’s not all!

Firstly, due to his campaigns in Formula 1 about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor’. Lewis Hamilton was included in TIME’s list of influencers. The ‘Hammer Time’ has always something more to offer…

Here in Top Tier Trends, It’s the exclusive new. Secondly, Puma Motorsport released the race boots of Lewis. Yes, it’s a dream come true! Now the F1’s fanatics can get that boots.

Those sneakers look beautiful! A lightweight design, that has a high ankle and is black with purple. For the reason that Hamilton requested on his uniform to wear black this year. As part of his pro-black campaign.

3. “You can’t tell a Black man not to wear Jordans” Kanye West.

Yes! Just as you read. Kanye West is under a contract with Adidas. But, he imposed the condition of continuing to wear Jordans. After his presidential campaign West showed that he’s more than a rapper.

Kanye West is a man that can defend his ideas over the heads of their sponsors. So, in Top Tier Trends we recommend getting your Jordan’s and go to vote him!

4. ‘Sneakerheads’ is now streaming on Netflix. Do you feel qualified to face the world for your Sneakers?

In the first chapter, Devin the protagonist finds an old friend. The universe is mystical. Thus Devin looking for a special Sneakers’ size started his adventure. Meanwhile, he has to fight against his wife, children, and normal life.

‘Sneakerheads’ shows how far a man can go, for defending their ideals! How far can you go to get your favorite pair of Sneakers?

Got more Top Tier Trends on October 2, 2020?

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