Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020

Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020 – Sneakers Alert

This last week was so much blasting! Because of our discoverings… So, let’s go over the Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020.

‘Made in Medellín’ The place from where J Balvin is! Read here whole about the Sneakers’ preferences of this ‘Paisa’ singer. Additionally, his friend Lewis Hamilton broke Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 record. Thus, he is a living legend, and we have a suggestion to celebrate with him!

Stay tuned because we have a fire that burns. Yeah, a fire hotter than hell! Plus, Quavo needs golf lessons and is waiting for you. Are you going to leave him waiting?

All you need to know about Sneakers’ world is here, in your Weekly Newsletter Top Tier Trends!

Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020

1. Si saben cómo soy pa’ qué me invitan…

That’s one of most Balvin’s famous sentences from his song ‘Amarillo’. It means ‘You know me, right? So don’t waste your time. Count me out…’ However, the Reggaeton singer made an invitation. To show his mansion in Llanogrande, Colombia. Close to his hometown Medellín.

It is an amazing building in an Asian architectural style. It’s among Lannogrande’s forests that is a quiet place. Moreover, inside of the minimalistic palace, there is J Balvin’s Sneakers collection.

So much big room only dedicated to collect the craziest Sneakers editions. The Nikes and Jordans are their favorite brands. So, are you ready to build a Sneakers palace?

The style of the palace is ‘Wabi-sabi’ like Kanye West’s house. The style of J Balvin’s music is universal and original like him!

2. The people here in Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020, they are so much relevant!

J Balvin and Lewis Hamilton are on the TIME magazine list of the most influential persons in the world. Above all, the British driver has more reasons to celebrate!

He overcame ‘The Kaiser’ Michael Schumacher as the driver with the most race wins at Formula 1. With 92 Grand Prix victories now ‘Hammertime’ is a motorsports legend as Ayrton Senna or Nicky Lauda.

Hamilton is wearing a black Jumpsuit, and he is racing in a black car because of his ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. Thus, we here in Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020, invite you to celebrate his achievements. By wearing Tommy Hilfiger LH Modern High Top Sneaker.

Black Sneakers to commemorate the black color!

3. The return to the Fire Red Colorway is almost ready

A fantastic collaboration between Virgil Abloh and Jordan brings the Fire Red Colorway! Air Jordan 5 ‘What The’ is going to be released on November 7. And they have a lot of sophistication. In other words, these Jordans use classical touches with an innovative design.

For instance the sock liner of ‘What The’ Sneakers are like Jordan 5 Retro Alternate Bel-Air. On the other hand, the Fire Red Colorway is identical to Air Jordan 14 Retro Gym Red.

Here in Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020, we think that this is the opportunity to mix the old style and modern arrangement is here to get yours!

4. What about a Rapper playing golf?

Quavo enjoys playing golf on his Nike Air Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum. His technique to play is a little bit strange, but his shot looks like a hole in one. Maybe he is waiting for you to take some lessons…

What would you be willing to give some lessons to him?

Got more Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020?

Feel free to share with us in our comments. For specialized recommendations, Top Tier Trends on October 30, 2020, and more please visit our blog. If you want exclusive styles and the latest models available stop by our store.

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