Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020

Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020 – Sneakers Alert

This last week was so much brilliant. Yes brilliant as the sun! Even so brilliant as a white color in combination with brown skin. So, let’s go ahead with the Top Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020.

¡Wakanda Forever! Stick around because Chadwick Boseman has a message for you. Through his friend Lewis Hamilton who is now a legend! Do you want to make your soul strong with messages from the legends?

All you need to know about Sneakers’ world is here, in your Weekly Newsletter Top Tier Trends!

Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020

1. The force of the Sun’s energy!

Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020DaBaby understands that the Sun has a strong and positive energy. As a result of that power, he likes to look with that powerful glow to inspire himself. Certainly, his music and appearance are a product of his inspiration.

Look at the laces of his Sneakers, his shirt, and his chain. These can teach anyone how to live with lighting and inspiration!

2. A brown skin that combines with White Sneakers

Here in Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020, we anticipate an awesome collaboration. In the past edition, we talk about a mix between Nike and Naomi Osaka. Consequently, it is great to present how that combination works amazing.

Watching The Naomi’s brown skin match her Nike Blazer Mid Comme des Garcons. It is possible to contemplate how the brightness of white illuminates dark skin. Thus, get your pair of white Sneakers and feel the admiration of your skin color!

3. The commemoration of a film legend

Chadwick Boseman is famous all over the world. As a consequence of his character T’Challa / Black Panther. Sadly on August 28 of this year, he dies because of colorectal cancer.

He would have turn 44 years the past Sunday, November 29. Here in Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020. We want to remember his smile and talent admiring one of his outfits.

Around him always is a special energy. For example, this clothing of red jacket and black pants. Expresses daring and elegance. Above all, his Nike Air Force 1 High Riccardo Tisci All-Star reflects the star that he always be!

We will always remember the now mythical scream ‘¡Wakanda Forever!’

4. A legend pays homage to another legend

“He’s inspired a whole generation of young black men and women and provided them with a true superhero to look up to. Rest in power my friend.” Says Lewis Hamilton about Chadwick Boseman after his Belgian Grand Prix victory.

Firstly, Hamilton is now 7 times world champion. The top winner in history with German Michael Schumacher. Besides during the last week, he gets an important recognition.

Secondly, ‘Hamertime’ is the “Game Changer of the Year” according to British GQ magazine. He may be champion next year again. So, he would become the top Formula 1 winner in history.

Thirdly, legends will always want to immortalize other legends. Most importantly, here in Top Tier Trends on December 4, we will create the space for it to be so. Be legendary like them wearing the Tommy X Lewis. A Vegan Sneaker collection to protect animals and the environment.

Got more Top Tier Trends on December 4, 2020?

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