Why do cats like shoes

Why do cats like shoes? Our furry friends have some interesting reasons

When you look at one cat, immediately the image of a tiger or lion appears in your mind. It is because they are predators. Their preys are different, but deep down cats, tigers, and lions are the same. It is so much interesting to analyze. As a consequence of we coexist with those wonderful and savage animals. And in its savagery, we will find one of the reasons why do cats like shoes.

For instance, the shoes can be a good hiding place to hunt their prey. These can sometimes be insects or in others our feet. Do you remember your cat’s nails attacking your feet after hiding? This happens frequently and is a painful way to understand it. On the other hand, we have for you other cute ways to explain. Why do cats like shoes?

The cute ways to understand. Why do cats like shoes?

Why do cats like shoesThe cats are so much different than dogs. The cats have a particular form to express their love to us. For example, through the sense of smell. Our furry friends have a powerful sense of smell. Their smell is fourteen times stronger than our smelling capacity.

That is to say, for those domestic felines is not necessary to stay close to us throughout. For them, smelling our scent is enough to show that they love us. So, our shoes have our scent. Do you start to learn why do cats like shoes?

As they are not only predators the cats also need to feel safe about the animals that hunt them. Thus, the smell of their relative’s shoes will make the cats feel relax and comfortable.

There are many more reasons why do cats like shoes

Finding the answer to. Why do cats like shoes? It is a rule to put your attention on the specific details. That is to say, the cats are so mysterious, thus you have to analyze them slowly to get the response.

For example, to improve their skills as predators. They like to explore cave-like places. Certainly, your shoes are a mystic and interesting cave for them. Furthermore, the laces of your shoes are the perfect simulator. Looking at the laces they can imagine a lot of moving worms for hunting.

Besides, cats love the food. If you are the person in charge of giving them their tunny or croquettes. You can assume that they will associate your shoes with the smell or taste of their food. That is a good reason why do cats like shoes. Or what do you think?

If your shoes disappear, look for them where your cat hides.

Inside their cute faces, the cats hide a mysterious behavior. Even many people attribute to them supernatural powers. For instance, in the ‘Constantine’ movie, his protagonist Keanu Reeves uses the power of a cat. He needs it to transport himself between dimensions.

So, your cat may do a magic act in your house, and make your shoes disappear. Similarly, he may transfer them to another dimension as in ‘Constantine’. As a result of its instinct to carry its prey to its lair. Guess what? Your shoes are the perfect prey. Lightweight and lace-up for easy dragging! Another reason why do cats like shoes.

Why do cats like shoes? Sometimes when we are in our houses we need our shoes. Do not worry about it. It is probably your cat playing hide and seeks with your shoes. Most importantly, is to be patient with them their way to play with us is different from the dogs’ style.

The romantic explanation of the cats’ shoes fixations

As we explain at the beginning of this article cats are obsessed with scents. Moreover, cats will under captivation with your scents, if you are his owner. Thus, it is normal to return to your house after your job, university, school, or gym. And, see your cat sleeping or giving his whole attention to your movements. Meanwhile, your domestic feline is on your shoe.

It is one of the most romantic forms that they have to express to you their love. Firstly, your cat is thinking of you while sleeping in your shoe. Because your domestic feline is feeling your feet’s scent. Secondly, your cat knows that you may go where you have your shoe. And there will be a meeting between you. Thirdly, and most importantly, the closer part of your body has to your cat is your feet.

They caress our feet with their heads and tails. As a result of the love that they want to show us. So, spending time on our shoes is to be with us at a distance. Some people say that long-distance love is a great demonstration of love. To sum up, every day they make a great demonstration of love for us.

Why do cats like shoes? Because they love you! Take your cat and give him all the love you have. Whenever your domestics felines can show you love they love you infinitely.

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