Top Tier Trends On January 1 – Sneakers Alert

This last week was blue as the sky. Because LeBron James wears clothes that have the color of heaven. Moreover, the collaboration between Dior and Air Jordan is amazing! So, go ahead over the Top Tier Trends On January 1.

You have to stick around as a consequence of the tribute that Anthony Davis pays to Kobe Bryant. Plus, if you like to be the Grinch in your family you can wear his shoes even in January.

All you need to know about Sneakers’ world is here, in your Weekly Newsletter Top Tier Trends!

Top Tier Trends On January 1

1. A king dressed as prince charming

The ‘King’ of basketball LeBron James, is famous because of the colors that he wears. Yellow, orange, or white are his favorite tones. But this time we in Top Tier Trends On January 1 are in shock by the tones he is using. Most importantly, his Nikes combines perfectly whit this sports outfit.

2. An artist appreciating art

New York artist Daniel Arsham makes impressive sculptures and works of art. Likewise, he can make an art appreciation with Sneakers.

For instance, his unboxing of Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low is an important opinion. Considering which pair of sneakers will be your first election for this new 2021 year.

Consequently, we in Top Tier Trends On January 1 have a recommendation. You must watch this unboxing to get a rated opinion.

3. A special tribute exactly a decade later

The basketball player Anthony Davis is an illustration of how to honor those who inspire you. For example, in this picture, you can see Kobe Bryant devouring the court on his Nike Kobe 6 Grinch. On the other hand, last Christmas Anthony Davis wore the same pair of sneakers.

It does not matters where are you, how important is your name, or how much money do you have. If you are prospering is because someone inspires or supports you. So, thank your inspiring person and honor them whenever you can.

4. Christmas is over but you can still be the Grinch in your family

Some people love Christmas and some people hate Christmas. But, you know the good villains, like The Mask, The Joker, or The Grinch. They are always in the memory of the public. That is the reason why these “Grinch” Dunks are here for those who want to be villains remembered.

Do you want to be The Grinch in your family?

Got more Top Tier Trends On January 1?

Feel free to share with us in our comments. For specialized recommendations, Top Tier Kickzz news, and more please visit our blog. If you want exclusive styles and the latest models available stop by our store.

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