Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink

Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink – We love these!

Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan X, these Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink arrived innovating. For example: a material that is inspired by snakeskin on the upper is replacing the traditional patent leather. Also, this is the first time the Air Jordan XI Low has been available in all women’s sizes. Keep reading our review of the womens’ Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink.

Ladies, this is your opportunity to express your feminine side. When you wear these Sneakers, allow yourself to feel proud, stylish and powerful as a woman: feel like a modern lady who knows how to be fashionable and cool at the same time.

These Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink are not only feminine and pink. That is to say, the technical specifications of these Nikes are one of it’s most amazing features. Are you ready to analyze these sneakers with us? If your answer is yes, certainly you are an open minded person, exactly the kind of customer who innovative brands like Nike love.

Stay with us, as we are going to introduce you to these Sneakers’ world!

Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink: our social analysis

Let us explain the colorway of Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink. To clarify, we are going deep on what was mentioned in our first paragraph. Due to its snake-textured details, the Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink is an original creation.

The accents on the bottom and in a pink tone have a special purpose. It is an innovation looking for a most feminine Sneaker. By making these shoes, Nike is thinking of those ladies who want to be empowered while showing their cute side.

These are the days of female empowerment. So, under our consideration, equity is not the same as equality. Because women can be cute while being badass and asserting their rights. On the other hand, Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink takes care of the delicate feet of women. Let’s go over our Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink technical description.

Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pinkAir Jordan 11 VI retro pink: Technical review

As we already wrote about these shoes, these Air Jordan are wrapped in a leather upper: the elegance and durability of these sneakers is guaranteed. This material comes for unsurpassed comfort, and is accompanied by a shimmering, translucent white outsole.

The shimmering is an important fact to consider. Because of the brightness that it transmits by stars of several professions, like Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, or Katy Perry. They are powerful women who radiate brilliance without losing their femininity.

if you want to be a powerful girl, Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink has to be your choice. All of these cute features contrast with the classical Jordan features, like the Jumpman branding on each tongue, and portions of the outsole.

Above all, these Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink provide endurance, style, and delicacy, with the strength that provides the Jumpman branding. These shoes also have an Air Unit in the midsole that generates full cushioning, along with the durable rubber outsole for great traction on the streets.

To talk about the Air Unit it’ss necessary to make a new subheading.

Womens Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink: Air Unit feature

In this paragraph, you will discover what Nike Air is: Nike Air is a technology that employs pressurized air. That is to say, it is a strong and flexible capsule that gives more flexibility and cushioning. In the same vein, this technology can work without sacrificing the shoe’s structure. By using this technology, the Air-Sole units maintain their original shape thanks to their elasticity. As a result, Nike Air Unit reduces impacts. Similarly, this technology preserves the tight fit and lightness of the Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink.

Womens’ Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink use the Air Unit feature construct for a complete feminine concept, because women’s feet are more delicate, gentle, and are more vulnerable to certain foot problems. Usually, girls have to wear high-heels that cramp their forefoot: as a result, their feet are often vulnerable to risks for their arch. Besides, ankle problems are an issue too.

According to information from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), ladies frequently get foot and ankle problems such as Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis, or Ankle Sprain. Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink protects more than your feet: these shoes take care of your whole well-being.

Do you want to protect your well-being? Wear these shoes

These Womens’ Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink are much more than a cute sneaker. The Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink also comes with features to take care of your whole body. For example, the Energy absorption characteristic: with each step, the Nike Air cushioning absorbs shock and immediately returns to its normal shape to protect your feet. These characteristics allow sportspersons to perform at their best while offering perfect protection.

The high-stretch tensile fibers are woven into a pressurized Nike technology, so this offers a high reactivity to the Nike Air unit each time the customer’s foot hits the ground. After that, the fibers compress to reduce the impact before quickly returning to their original state. Then, this generates an explosive and powerful response.

In conclusion, Womens’ Nike Air Jordan 11 VI retro pink are an aesthetic and healthy solution to your feet. Girls want to be powerful, fashionable, and comfortable: if you want to be one all of these, you have to wear these Sneakers. Remember: the world is changing. And if you do not change with the world, the world will leave you behind!

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