best box to ship shoes

Best Box to ship shoes – Yes, It is possible to find it!

When you want to send, receive or buy a pair of shoes. So, the ship for these can be a big dilemma. Likewise, if you are a seller, surely you will be worried. About the quality of the products that your clients are going to buy. Also, you may have a big shoe collection that you do not know how to store. Thus, whatever be your case or your situation. We have here for you the best box to ship shoes. Because a good ship is just as important as shoes.

Firstly, keep in your mind that there are different types of shoes. So, each with its characteristics, features, and dimensions. For example, there are shoes for men, women, children, babies, and even for dogs! There are also boot-type shoes, ankle boots, etc.

Considering this, there are different shoe boxes. That is to say, different boxes depending on the characteristics of each pair of shoes and their dimensions. So, if you use the right shoe boxes. Thus, you can stay sure that the product arrives in perfect condition at its destination.

Above all, when you are finding the best box to ship shoes. It is necessary to select the correct type of box. To clarify, we are going to explain to you the differences and qualifies among the boxes.

The best box to ship shoes. What type of box should you use for each type of shoe?

For instance, if you want boxes to store shoes or boxes to send these. We mainly recommend to you self-assembling and die-cut kraft boxes for shipping footwear. Because this kind of box is so quick and easy to assemble. Thanks to its moving parts. Also, the self-assembling boxes give a very good presentation of your products.

However, not all self-assembling boxes are the same thing. In other words, there are different types of self-assembling boxes. So, here we explain the differences to choose your favorite among the best box to ship shoes.

Briefcase-type box with cardboard handle for shipping: Ideal for shipping men’s and women’s shoes and ankle boots. In the same vein, with this briefcase, you will get a great presentation for your products.

This briefcase-type box is in the case that you are looking for commercial boxes. On the other hand, if you want simply to store your shoes. We have other alternatives for you. There are also a lot of self-assembling die-cut boxes in several materials to collect your shoes. Above all, these are ideal also for men’s and women’s shoes.

After that, the commercial shoes have so many options to offer to the sellers. For example, the self-assembling die-cut box bottom and lid type.

Bottom and lid self-assembling die-cut box: Suitable for all types of footwear. So, if you want to distribute a different kind of shoes around the world this is the better option for you. Likewise, this box is special for shipments of packs of shoes, ankle boots, and boots.

Of course, there are also boxes for small and delicate shoes. We will tell you which are these boxes.

The best box to ship shoes. When you want to store small and delicate shoes

Noy always is a requirement to use big shoes. To clarify, some manufacturers make boxes in small sizes. For instance, there are die-cut boxes for slippers and sandals. But, what can you do if you can’t find the measurements of the boxes that fit your product?

You can relax because there is no problem! The shoeboxes you have seen are just a small selection. That is to say, out there are a lot of cardboard boxes. If none of these boxes meet your needs. You also have the option of having these customized. For instance, many manufacturers do this for customers with specific needs.

On the other hand, we not only recommend to you the best box to ship shoes. Most importantly, we want to make you a suggestion about your packaging system. That is to say, it is no use having good boxes. Moreover, you have to know how to adapt your boxes to your requirements. As a result, here are the general packaging recommendations.

If you do not know how to pack, we will teach you

Finding out the best box to ship shoes it is necessary to learn how to pack appropriately your shoes. Why? Because it works for shipments and collections of shoes. It is the purpose of this article, help you no matter what is your intention.

Firstly, you have to consider that packing a shipment is like packing a suitcase. Thus, you need all its contents to be in perfect condition when it is open.

Secondly, if you intend to send your pack through delivery services. Take for granted that the employees of the transport companies are trained. That is to say, they know how to handle with care all the merchandise they receive.

However, good packaging of your products is the first step so that they reach their destination in good condition. Likewise, knowing how to pack your shoes will help you if you want to collect these.

Above all, it is depending on the type of shoe to be sent or collected. So, you should choose the most appropriate packaging for these. To clarify, look for alternatives that do not increase the cost of shipping.

In other words, look for light and sized packaging for your shoes. In conclusion, remember that the cost of a shipment is at the base of the weight and volume of the merchandise. Of course, it includes its packaging.

If your shoes or Sneakers employ leather material. So, pack your shoes in pairs. That is to say, using plastic bags, soft papers or boxes. In the same vein, separate the shoes that do not employ leather in small groups.

That way your shoes are under protection. And their material will be preserved. If you have more ideas to choose the best box to ship shoes.

Do you have more ideas about god boxes to collect or send shoes?

Feel free to share with us on our comments. For specialized recommendations, please visit our blog. If you want exclusive styles and the latest models available, please stop by our store.

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