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Check out some of the best shoes for drumming

Play the drums is one of the most liberating sensations that can exist. Because when you are playing the drums you can feel how your soul is flying free throughout the universe. But you can hurt your body while doing it, for example, the case of Anna Prior the drummer of Metronomy band. She had to undergo hip surgery to repair her body from what she has suffered for decades playing drums. Thus, we have here for you the best shoes for drumming. Because you can play the drums without injuring your body.

So, perhaps the most important part of every drummer’s clothing is their footwear. Because the drummers’ footwear should guarantee adequate control of the pedals. Moreover, even if you are one of those who prefer to play with bare feet. It will always be convenient to resort to shoes that have special features.

Firstly, checking out some of the best shoes for drumming you have to analyze the lightness. Because our muscles have intrinsic and potential energy. Which becomes kinetic energy that generates movement. Then, some part of this energy is using in moving the shoe itself, in direct proportion to its weight.

Lightweight footwear is a guarantee of optimal use of that energy because a lightweight shoe reduces muscle wear. For that reason, we prefer materials that are employing in the manufacture of athletic shoes. For instance, glove leather and microporous fabrics.

Secondly, the other important requirement thinking in shoes for drummers is flexibility. That is to say, if you want good shoes for drumming. So, you must search for those that come with rubber soles. Further, these rubber soles in your opinion have to employ independent patches.

Examples of rubber soles and lightweight footwear among the best shoes for drumming

Above all, to play the drums sometimes feels like dancing with the ride, crash, hi-hat bass drum, and snare. Consequently, dancing shoes can provide good performance for drummers. For example, the Capezio brand has some models that work to play the drums.

Capezio shoes. These Capezio shoes can perfectly give a lot of hours playing your Mapex, Tama, or Pearl drums. Note the great flexibility of the glove leather, as well as the role of the discontinuous sole. Plus, the front and a rear patch provide the lightweight and flexibility necessary to play the drums as Sterling Campbell does.

Kenneth Cole ‘Come Fly With Me’ KM25894LE model. Another example is these moccasins that come in glove leather and with a baked rubber plant as patches. A perfect option among the best shoes for drumming because these offer endurance and flexibility.

Urban shoes. These shoes come with a non-slip rubber sole and employing suede and satin fabric. This is a brand that comes from Perú in that country these shoes have a lot of good opinions. But these shoes are not available in all sizes, so Urban shoes can not be used by all of the drummers.

Kenneth Cole ‘Come Fly With Me’ KM32539LE model. The characteristic of baked rubber plant as patches is still in this model KM32539LE. Notice how there are two main rubber patches. One patch on the toe and another patch on the heel. To clarify, each patch is on the sides of the zone that the shoe brand is inscribed.

Are you looking for more shoes for drumming? We have more brands and recommendations for you!

More brands and recommendations checking out some of the best shoes for drumming

If you are looking for the best drumming shoes, consider two facts. Firstly, the lightness prevents the dispersion of energy. On the other hand, flexibility allows energy to be concentrated in certain areas of the foot. For example, look at how a ballet dancer would do her ergonomics.
This is how the characteristics of the shoes for drumming work. Consequently, now we can understand why some famous drummers like Dave Weckl and Virgil Donati play. Because they use thin and flexible soles to increase the attack on the bass drum.

To sum up, the last requirement to consider is adherence. For this, the sole must come in rubber material and show a relatively homogeneous pattern. Neither squares nor triangles nor other figures on the ground, but it is smooth, with small coquitos or discrete transverse lines.

Fortunately, today drummers can have footwear specifically designed to meet their needs as percussionists. For example, Converse All Star, Vans, or Nikes these shoes are lightweight and have excellent grip. That is to say, these shoes have the essential characteristics for drumming.

But no all drummers enjoy using footwear while they are playing…

Recommendations if you want to play the drums barefoot

Barefoot drumming is not a good option, which is why we have this list of the best shoes for drumming. However, if what you like is to play barefoot, follow these recommendations.

If you are going to play the drums without shoes. Thus try not to have wounds or injuries that are affecting by direct contact or pressure on the pedal. To clarify, take special care especially with the sole, you can expose yourself to infections or intense contact pain.

The same exposure of the foot to the environment comes to the perspiration and the sweat generated. For which it is necessary to have good personal hygiene, in addition to the proper cleaning of the drum pedal.

Are you looking for more shoe recommendations? Please visit our blog. Moreover, if you want to see the most recent designs and Sneakers available, please visit our shop.

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