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These are some of the best shoes for pharmacists who stand all day long

Pharmacists are people who have to stand all day long. Moreover, they have to express a smile every time. They help us by providing us pills and syrups that often relieve us. So, if you are one of them we have some of the best shoes for you. Because you deserve the best shoes for pharmacists who stand all day long.

Many pharmacists suffer from podiatric problems due to the use of inappropriate work shoes. So, in the first part of this article, we aim to break down the virtues and shortcomings of the favorite pharmacists’ shoes, the clogs. And to propose what are the general and specific characteristics that the appropriate footwear for pharmacists should have. Considering into account your daily activities as a pharmacist.

According to some studies, 95% of the accidents of personnel working in the health environment can be prevented with a correct preventive culture. As a result, work footwear is a fundamental element when it comes to preventing and avoiding injuries. So, it should be as appropriate as possible according to the professional activity.

Further, the use of suitable work shoes favors the health of the worker and his performance. Thus, footwear must be adapting to the needs of the work environment and the demands of the worker. In the case of the pharmacists, this is certainly true, because you have to work for many hours under pressure.

Knowing what are the best shoes for pharmacists is a necessity in times when the rush for medicines is so much accelerating.

The clogs the first option among the best shoes for pharmacists

Why clogs? Because the common clog has been the most widely used footwear in the pharmacists’ environment for at least half a century. Moreover, many reasons favor its use. For example, in most cases, these are provided by pharmacy owners. On the other hand, many people consider clogs comfortable. Because their anterior last is quite wide which means that the fingers and joints are not excessively tight.

Secondly, and attending to the belief that if pharmacists use open clogs it is because these shoes are healthy. Also, many other occupations are incorporating clogs shoes into their usual uniforms. For instance, cooks, hairdressers, and cleaners.

So, let’s go ahead with the shoes for pharmacists in the clogs category:

  1. Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs
  2. Crocs Neria Pro Clogs
  3. Skechers Women’s Soft Toe Work Clogs
  4. Dansko Work Wonders Coral Slip-On Clogs
  5. Alegria Kayla Slip-On Clogs

However, the clogs shoes have negative aspects too that you have to consider if you want to get these. That is to say, these are unstable shoes, prone to causing sudden ankle twists, falls, and losing these easily. These shoes are the origin of many of the job losses of pharmacists workers.

For that reason, we consider these a good option, but we don’t think that clogs are the best shoes for pharmacists. In our opinion, the shoes for pharmacists must provide functionality and comfort. These features will be determined by the interaction of different characteristics.

To sum up, factors such as adaptation to movements, lightness, stability, flexibility, cushioning protection grip, and propulsion make a good shoe for pharmacists. Further, the good news is that there is already a legendary brand thinking about this.

Nike makes shoes for pharmacists

Pharmacy personnel who work in drugstores normally wear comfortable shoes, most often clogs. As we have already mentioned in this article, comfort and tradition are determining factors when choosing between clogs or Sneakers. But now the sports brand Nike has wanted to tempt the defenders of the latter option a little more.

To do this, Nike has launched the “Nike Air Zoom Pulse”, which these sneakers have called “sneakers for everyday heroes.” That is to say, these shoes are for pharmacists, nurses, doctors, home health providers, and others who work tirelessly to help patients. Moreover, these shoes employ the features on the needs that the professionals themselves have provided.

Nike explains that the designers shared a session with healthcare workers to contrast a variety of specific challenges. For instance, these shoes being comfortable for long periods of standing, but also versatile to withstand hasty movements in hurry times.

In short, these Nike Air Zoom Pulse are the best among the shoes for pharmacists. These also come with “the flexible Pulse full rubber outsole attached to the heel, and Zoom Air”, a secure fit, soft and comfortable structure.

These shoes come in six versions and Nike will donate all proceeds from them to the OHSU Children’s Hospital. So, the versions are inspirations in heath things if you are a pharmacist we recommend you to get these. While supporting a good cause, you will look amazing and protect the health of your body.

If for some reason you don’t like Nike or clogs shoes we have other alternatives for you.

For men and women pharmacists, other brands can work very well

Pharmacist men and women should use footwear that is closed, light, with a wide toe, and wide heel. For instance, shoes with a maximum of 0.393 inches, have to employ water-repellent leathers. Because this material allows perspiration, and guarantee endurance.

We have some examples of these shoes for pharmacists:

  • New Balance Women’s 928v3 Walking Shoe
  • Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer
  • Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer
  • Skechers for Work Skech Air Slip Resistant Lace-Up
  • Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe
  • Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer
  • Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford
  • Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat

Above all, pay attention to the sole of your shoes it has to be light, flexible, resistant, and insulating (discharge static currents). It must favor grip both dry and wet, it must have a suitable bending coefficient and resistance to wear.

In conclusion, footwear for pharmacists requires thorough, easy, and frequent cleaning. So, the materials must work for it. Preferably they will be water-repellent leathers, which are light and porous, with hypoallergenic and non-toxic dyes, which will allow correct perspiration.

If you want to learn more about shoe analysis please, take a look at our blog! If you want to know the last Sneaker Releases, please visit our shop.

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