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Sports Influencers in the beginning – Black History Month Series Part 1

It is February! Time to celebrate Black History Month and, of course, to recognize the important achievements by the African Americans throughout history. Firstly, this celebration was born thanks to Carter G. Woodson, he was an American historian. Moreover, he dedicates his career to the study of African Americans in history. As a result, he created a “Negro History Week” which in 1986 turned into “Black History Month”. Further, to commemorate this, we are going to talk about Sports Influencers in the Beginning. Because they fought for equal rights and did amazing things in sports around the world.

A long time ago for African Americans was so challenging to grow up in each sport and break the chains of racism. For instance, they were forbidden to play in the same place that white people. Thus, the Sports Influencers in the Beginning, started to break the rules and fight to achieve equality.

In this article, you are going to know some important stories about African Americans Sports Influencers. Also, the things that they did to reach the sports glory fighting all obstacles. So, on many occasions overcoming the adversities, they did things that marked the sport’s history forever.

For example, during the 1968 Mexico Olympics, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, winners of the gold and bronze medals, staged a peaceful protest while on the podium. So, they both did raise their hands in which they wore a black glove, lower their heads, and close their eyes. This is the gesture from ‘Black Panthers’, the Black Power movement. That promoted the struggle for civil rights and the fight against police brutality.

When they came out they were booed, so Smith said:

“If I win I am an American, not a black American. But if I did something bad then they would say ‘a Negro’.”

Tommie Smith reinforces his sentence by saying: We are black and we are proud of being black. “Black America will understand what we did tonight.” In the same vein, to pay tribute to all of the heroes who fight against the sport and social racism. We are going to tell you some examples of sports influencers in the beginning.

Muhammad Ali (Boxer). Ali won the gold medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Moreover, Ali is a great influence in the fight for the rights of African Americans. So, he is one of the most relevant sports influencers in the beginning

Jack Johnson (Boxer). First black man to be a world heavyweight champion and one of the ten best heavyweights in history. Because Johnson won a fight against Jim Jefferies “the great white hope”, riots broke out across the country. Also, for this reason, Johnson was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

Frederick “Fritz” Pollard (Coach). Pollard was one of the NFL’s first two black players in 1920 and the NFL’s first African-American head coach.

Jack Leslie – England (Footballer). Another hard story, he was a very good footballer from England. Further, he was going to be the first black man to play for the national team but they did not let him. He ended up shining boots and recently they raise money to build a statue in his honor.

Charlie Sifford (Golfer). First black player to win the US Open Series.

Pelé – Brazil (Footballer). Pelé Also known as ‘The King Of Soccer’ wins 3 world cups with the Brazilian National Soccer Team. Likewise, he is considering the best footballer in history as he was the youngest player to win a world cup (aged 17).

More legendary territories and histories of the sports influencers in the beginning

Also, the sports influencers in the beginning, comes from legendary territories. Plus, they have written mythical histories with their feats

Antonio Cervantes Reyes “Kid Pambelé” – Colombia (Boxer). He was born in the legendary and ancestral territory of San Basilio de Palenque, Bolívar, Colombia. San Basilio de Palenque is legendary because it was the first free place for black people on the American continent. Furthermore, “Kid Pambelé” was a two-time junior welterweight world champion. He fights twenty-one world title bouts, holding the 140-pound title for nearly eight years.

Jackie Robinson (Baseball Player). First black baseball player to enter Major League Baseball. He carried out a strong political and community activity for equal rights and the fight against discrimination.

Althea Gibson (Tennis Player). She was the first African-American tennis player to play in the national championship in the United States and at Wimbledon.

Hank Aaron (Baseball Player). Under the opinion of baseball experts, he is one of the best baseball players of all time. In the same vein, he is the second player with the most home runs in Major League Baseball.

Wilma Rudolph (Athlete). In 1961 she became the fastest woman in the world and was the first American athlete to win three gold medals at the Olympic Games

Bill Russell (Basketball Player). He is on the list as one of the best defenders in the NBA and one of the 50 best players in the history of the league.

The black sports influencers in the beginning, have distinctions that no one has been able to overcome.

The insurmountable black sports influencers in the beginning

Despite obstacles, discrimination, and lack of support there are insurmountable black sports influencers in the beginning.

Perhaps fear of their superiority led them to be under segregation. Because in comparison to Caucasians, African Americans athletes have denser bones, less body fat, narrower hips, longer legs, thicker thighs, and lighter calves than whites. For that reason, they have been unsurpassed and we have two examples.

Jesse Owens (Boxer). He won 4 gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, so he is considering the best and most famous athlete in history.

Joe Louis (Boxer). He was a world heavyweight champion for eleven years, a record that so far no one has surpassed and for this, he has been classified as the best heavyweight in history.

Do you know more insurmountable black sports influencers in the beginning?

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