Sports Influencers in the 90s

Sports Influencers in the 90s – Black History Month Series Part 3

It is February and we are going to continue celebrating Black History Month. So, the 90s decade was an explosive age, because of grunge music exploits around the world. On the other hand, black sports influencers in the 90s had more space in the courts. In the same vein, black athletes got more relevance in other activities related to sports that made their names shine even more. For example, during the 90s Warner Bros releases a Space Jam movie with Michael Jordan as a protagonist.

Space Jam was a very important event. Because the movie and basketball industries came together to consolidate the greatest player of all time, Michael ‘Air’ Jordan. Before this, history became a legend. On the one hand, it is the fascinating story of the best basketball team, the Chicago Bulls of the 90s, an unrepeatable dynasty. Also, the story of a ruthless leader named Michael Jordan. And of course, an incredible document on one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan.

On the other hand, a historic meeting at Nike’s Beaverton headquarters. That was attended by Jordan’s parents, his representative, Nike CEO, and designer Peter C. Moore. They were working together to make a miracle: Nike promises Michael that he would have not just his sneakers. Moreover, he would have an exclusive line of shoes using his name. Thus Air Jordan brand borns. As a result, Michael Jordan is one of the most important Sports Influencers in the 90s. So, let’s check his history.

Michael Jordan a brilliant star among the Sports Influencers in the 90s

To talk about Sports Influencers in the 90s. It is necessary to create a special subheading to the basketball player who marked a before and after in NBA history. To sum up, in 1991 was the end of one era and the next began. That year, or rather those Finals, are the certification of the beginning of the Bulls dynasty. Because Chicago Bulls is the one that dominated the NBA in the 90s. That is to say:

  • Those six championships in eight years and two three-peats.
  • The six playoffs MVP and five MVP of the season.
  • Those two Olympic gold medals.
  • The unforgettable Michael Jordan’s ‘shot’ in Cleveland.

These are the reasons why Michael Jordan is on the Olympus of basketball.

Today, Michael Jordan continues shining because his significance in the NBA is immense. Before, now and always he is a player who transforms the NBA. He is who inherits his throne in a golden age that was built by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. To clarify, Michael Jordan shot the NBA into the stratosphere. Thanks to him the NBA reached audiences in places it had never reached.

Moreover, Nike creates for Michael the franchise that changes the way of understanding sport and business relationships. On the other hand, Michael Jordan transforms the way players understand each other in team sports. He is the best of all times, and a limitless escort whose feats marked a generation.

Michael Jordan has first place in Sports Influencers in the 90s because he is a living legend. Not only of basketball he is a living legend of sports in general. But other black sports open the doors so that new generations could freely protest for their rights. The name of our super basketball player, influencer, and activist is Craig Hodges.

Craig Hodges, the fighter for rights that were not yet allowed – Sports Influencers in the 90s

It is so much important to recognize the fight of Craig Hodges during the 90s. Because he alone defended causes that even today are still in force to defend. For example, Hodges during the 90s makes the complaint of police brutality against the African American Rodney King. Moreover, he urged his fellow NBA players to stop the championship. As Milwaukee Bucks and LeBron James can do today.

For those reasons, he is one of the most important Sports Influencers in the 90s. Because after winning two rings with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and three All-Star triple contests. This Illinois player paid for his political activism being sidelined from the NBA.

It all starting on October 1, 1991, after Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls won the first ring of their NBA dynasty. Because Craig Hodges was at the official reception of the White House wearing an outfit that was not according to protocol. Then, using a white ‘Dashiki’, traditional African clothing, amid the understated parade of tailored suits. The Illinois player wanted to act as a spokesperson for the African-American community. Moreover, he did give President George Bush (Father) an eight-page letter.

The letter did contain requests about black community rights. As a result, in the following year 1992, no team wanted to hire him. So he makes a to sue the NBA for vetoing him.

Thanks to the heroes that with their bravery they made a precedent. Today athletes can demonstrate against racial discrimination without any problem. For example, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, the NBA activist in silence

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf protests against discrimination during the 90s he knelt during the American anthem when no one else did. This was in a game for his team, the Denver Nuggets.

So, today the debate on activism and social conflict is maturing. Because, the politicians and the citizens, although there is still a long way to go. But, this was not the case in the 90s and saying what you think was negative for whoever dared to do it. That is why the case of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is exemplary and worth remembering. For those reasons, he is one of the most important Sports Influencers in the 90s.

To clarify, Abdul-Rauf believes that the American flag and its National Anthem symbolizes oppression and tyranny. Thus, during the 1996 season, the NBA fined him $ 31,707 for each game without participating in the Anthem. So, it calls into question how such cases were handled in the past.

Abdul-Rauf was not exempt from more retaliation against him. So, at the end of that season was traded to the Sacramento Kings. By this time he was already a toxic player by league and franchise standards. So it was that he stayed for two years in the California team and then no team wants to hire him. Even though he was 29 years old and was at a high level of play.

So, do you know about more activists and sports influencers in the 90s?

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