men suffering back pain

Best shoes for men suffering back pain

men suffering back pain

Men suffering back pain: one of the most common chronic afflictions in everyday life. First of all, long and hectic routines, strenuous workdays, or everyday chores… That makes it very easy to suffer from back pain regularly. So, there are many different ways to cope with this problem, and these shoes are one of them. As a result, stylish and comfortable, some shoes give you the support you need. That’s to say, to feel at ease all day long and say goodbye to those annoying aches and pains for good.So, it’s time to choose a light shoe, with a firm sole and a wide heel. For example, a pair of shoes between two and four centimeters high is the ideal way to avoid damaging the back. At least that’s what it says Dr. Francisco Kovacs. He is Director of the Spanish Network of Researchers in Back Disorders (REIDE). And the Kovacs Back Unit of the Moncloa University Hospital in Madrid. So, we invite you to keep reading in order to know some special footwear for men suffering back pain.

Men suffering back pain looking for appropriate footwear

Meanwhile, Dr. Kovacs explains that shoes that are too flat and heels that are too high and too thin. So, can force the musculature to exert excessive efforts. That’s why here are some alternatives to the best shoes for men suffering back pain.
Take note of the following types of shoes that can help you reduce the discomfort caused by back pain. Most importantly, in Top Tier Kickzz we want to be of help to men suffering back pain:

1. Sneakers Slip-on, one of the most recommended for men suffering back pain

A footwear model is recommended for daily use. It’s made with synthetic materials and has a rubber sole with a 0.5-inch heel. Besides is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. The sporty design of these shoes makes them comfortable for everyday wear. Thanks to its thick rubber sole, it provides extra cushioning. In addition, that walking, jogging, or running is not torture for your back.

men suffering back pain
Photo: Freesport Store.

2. Katliu: Cool Slip-On Shoes

Available in many colors these wide-soled shoes are made of synthetic materials. And feature a rubber sole that gives them an anti-slip property to give you stability on any terrain. Above all, a modern and casual style that you can wear during your days off. The inner sole of these shoes has a cushioned insole and a lacquer that eliminates odor. More than recommended for men suffering back pain.
3. Dener: Mesh Sneakers

Firstly, a pair of shoes with a wide sole made of rubber with anti-slip properties. Dener sneakers have a sporty design made with a mesh that allows air to pass through. Also, have a range of colors that include vinotint, intensely black, and gray. Certainly, these are the main features of these shoes. It is a shoe designed to provide the greatest comfort to its user. Its rubber sole has a 2cm heel that minimizes the impact on the heel area.

4. Rockport: We Are Rocking Chranson

If you are one of the men suffering back pain, you have to choose this kind of shoes. They’re made with a combination of leather and synthetic fabrics. Besides, with a padded interior lining to provide maximum comfort with every step. Its rubber sole has a 1.25cm heel. This model is available in brown and black. It¡s a shoe with a professional finish that combines comfort and practicality. That’s to say, it’s a model designed to cut the impact on the foot generated by each step.

5. Dener: Running shoes

A model made of mesh and synthetic fabrics. Also, with an anti-slip rubber sole and internal cushioning. This sport-style shoe has a minimalist military design. And is available in brown, white and green. Comfort, style, and flexibility, all in a shoe model with orthopedic function. As a result, minimizes the impact that the foot receives in each step and at the same time allows the passage of air.

men suffering back pain
Photo courtesy Solereview.

6. Dener: Athletic Sneakers for men suffering back pain

Flexible leather shoes with details in synthetic materials sewn to a rubber sole with a 3cm heel. Also, provides stability and reduces the impact generated by each step when walking. It’s available in a variety of colors. Subsequently, it’s designed for men suffering back pain because adapts to the conditions of the terrain. And gives you excellent comfort. This model comes in sizes ranging from 5 to 14.

7. Maxsoon: Soft Running Shoes

A sport-style model with an ultra-cushioned lining. It allows reducing most all the impact that the foot receives when walking. These sneakers designed for men suffering back pain are made of synthetic materials. Also, they’re stitched to an anti-slip rubber sole and are available in black, white, and orange. Trendy, flexible, and very practical, these sporty shoes can be worn at the gym or for a long walk around the block.

8. The Hoka One Bondi 6

Is one of the most cushioned and supportive running shoes for men suffering back pain that you will find. Hoka One Bondi 6 provides the best in shock absorption and motion control. Also, gives you an improved smooth, and balanced ride on any trail. Besides, these sneakers are durable. And thick outsole for the largest shock absorbency and excellent adhesion.

9. Saucony Zealot ISO 3

This brand is well known for its creative design and engineered shoes. That’s to say, they will aid to maximize your performance and give you comfort. To sum up gives you the support that you need to perform your activities. The Saucony Zealot is a running shoe that also provides you motion control. In short, that’s a great advantage for men suffering back pain.

In conclusion: do you have any options of shoes for men suffering back pain? Let us know in the comment section below. If you want exclusive styles and the latest models available, stop by our store.

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