best shoes for bunions and wide feet

Best shoes for bunions and wide feet – Comfy shoes come with great style

Foot discomfort can mortify our quality of life. And these ailments are caused by many factors that need all the measures we can take. This time we will talk about the best shoes for bunions and wide feet. But first, let’s take a look at what bunions are and how they affect our health.
Bunions are a disorder of the big toe. They are a discomfort that forms when the bone or tissue in the big toe joint moves out of place. This can be produced by many factors, ie:

  • When the metatarsal bone moves away from the rest of the foot.
  • Genetics.
  • The way we walk.
  • The shoes we wear.
  • When the tendons that control the movement of the big toe stop working as they should.

On the other side are wide feet. Maybe you were born with feet like that or they’ve gotten wider as you’ve gotten older. Either way, you may have trouble finding a shoe that fits if you have a wider foot than it should be.

Although wide feet should not be a cause for concern, they can cause other health problems. By wearing the right shoes, you can cut any problems that come with having wide feet. So, In Top Tier, we invite you to keep reading about the best shoes for bunions and wide feet. Let’s check the recommendations.

What should the best shoes for bunions and wide feet have?

First of all, we want you to get the idea that finding the right shoes for bunions is not difficult. But, need to. And keep in mind that one of the characteristics is that they must be wide enough to avoid pressure on the joint.

Besides, it should be a shoe with extra depth to prevent the top of the toe from rubbing. Even the shoe should accommodate the bunion with features such as:

  • Softness
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • No pressure on the sensitive areas of the foot

Shoes such as work clogs or work shoes meet these requirements. That is why they are the most used in work environments where you walk or stand for long hours. For example, the healthcare, hospitality, or commercial sectors. In general, a good shoe for wide feet or bunions should be wide. They should also have good arch and heel support.

The good news is for those who suffer from wide feet, the recommended shoes for bunions work! And that’s the next topic in this article.

What are the best shoes for bunions and wide feet?

Before deciding to buy the best shoes for bunions and wide feet, it’s good to keep the following in mind. Howard Friedman, DPM, M.D., of Suffern Podiatry in New York, explains: “Feet, by design, are not padded with a lot of extra fat. So, if someone wears a shoe that is creating a pressure point over a bony area, the skin will become red. And inflamed, and in some cases cause a blister or wound that can become infected.”

So, if you want to use your favorite sneakers you should take out everything that irritates your feet. And replace it with something more supportive and comfortable.

The width of the shoe is very important since having a wider shoe will prevent bunions from rubbing. They also prevent increased pain levels. That is why mesh or canvas and leather shoes are the most recommended. That is, these have much more flexibility and will stretch with use. Even wearing a shoe that is a little larger will also help. Also, the use of special orthopedic insoles is of great help.

Your bunions will appreciate wide-toed shoes made of materials that give. Podiatrist Dr. Karen Langone explains that the widest point of the foot should coincide with the widest part of your shoe. Above all, shoes with very high heels aren’t the best alternative. Because high heels boost pressure on the bunion. As a result, lower heels will help cut the discomfort. Also, you have to avoid shoes that are very tight and short. Now it’s time to check some models of the best shoes for bunions and wide feet. Keep reading.

Shoes you must buy if you suffer from bunions and wide feet

Because your wide feet or those with bunions need shoes that guarantee comfort, we recommend these models:

Skechers Equalizer Persistent

Very comfortable and light. They have the advantage of being very easy to clean and very durable. Besides, their gel insoles mold to your foot, and their toe cap is wide. In this way, the toes have enough space.

Clarks Vargo Plain

High-quality shoes, modern design, and top-quality materials. They are durable and come with a very soft EVA insole. They are one of the best-fitting shoes as if they were personalized.

Geox U Leitan B

Photo: Amazon

They stand out for their comfort, thanks to a completely flat sole. Also for their wide last, ultra-lightweight. These shoes for bunions stand out for their lightness and the quality of their materials. And the upper is made of suede, so you should take extra care of them.

Asics Gel-Mission 3

This model is one of the lightest on the market. For example, its sole is more comfortable and soft. They are also ideal as shoes for bunions because of their great flexibility. Even for being black and elegant it goes unnoticed and does not look like a sneaker.

Nike Ebernon Low

Photo: Amazon

These men’s sneakers are perfect as bunion shoes. Especially if you’re looking for something sporty. Being classic and timeless they will never go out of style. They are quite closed and fit the foot very well.

Wide feet or bunions discomfort you? Just pick up your favorite ones and tell us your opinions in the comment section.

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