best sneakers for shin splints

Best sneakers for shin splints – It’s all about a good recovery

Let’s continue with the best sneakers series! So, if you notice that there is mild pain in your shins when you jog and it sometimes turns into a sharp pain, watches out. You may be suffering from shin splints. But how do you prevent this nightmare of all runners? That and the best sneakers for shin splints is what this article is all about.

But what are shin splints? They are pains that appear in the front of your legs after exercise. They usually start as mild aches that increase and don’t stop you from running. Although this is not a medical term per se, it refers to a set of unrelated pains. Especially in the lower leg caused by an exercise routine. However, there is still no scientific consensus on this condition. Nor does anyone know exactly what causes shin splints.

So, symptoms of shin splints often develop during exercise. Especially while running or walking fast. The most common signs of this type of shin splints are:

  • Pain in the shins shortly after you start exercising.
  • A gradual or immediate decrease in pain when you stop exercising.
  • Mild pain that comes on and becomes more acute.
  • Pain in both shins at the same time.
  • This pain spreads throughout the shin.
  • Sometimes there is swelling.

But this type of cramping usually goes away with rest and recovery. Yet, there is a chance that you may have a stress fracture. If the pain persists even after taking preventive measures, consult your physical therapist. Now it’s time to talk about some of the best running shoes for shin splints. Because it’s all about a good recovery.

Some of the best shoes for shin splints

Before looking at some of the best sneakers for shin splints, let’s detecting the origin of this pain. And to prevent them you should take into account factors such as:

  • A sudden increase in exercise. If you start with a new training program and your body is not used to this intensity, you may develop these cramps. So, increase your exercise, without big changes from one day to the next.
  • Running on hard surfaces. Although jogging in the street can be a good habit, it can also take a toll on your feet and muscles. So try running on grass, wood, or a treadmill.
  • Overpronation. This is a condition of those who turn their feet inward too much when jogging. This can put extra stress on the legs. In other words, choose shoes designed for overpronation.
  • Running in worn or inappropriate shoes. Check that your shoes are perfect designed to withstand the pressure put on your feet when you run. But if you wear the wrong ones, you could develop these cramps.
  • Muscle problems and injuries. Shin splints can be caused by tight calf muscles. Also from weakness in the ankles or plantar fascia problems. Besides, old injuries can cause your body to compensate to distribute pressure. If this happens to you, visit your physiotherapist now.

After detecting these symptoms, let’s take a look at the shoes that are best for you against shin splints.

Keep an eye on these running shoes for shin splints

First of all when you going to buy shoes to do exercises, keep in mind some characteristics. For instance, the best sneakers for shin splints have to cushion with flexible soles. And, of course, low heels. So, here they are and make your proper decision!

Hoka One One Women’s Clifton 6 Running Shoe

This is a running shoe with the greatest cushioning and shock absorption. It also helps to reduce pressure under the heel and sole. In other words, they are ideal for avoiding shin splints. They are also very light, wide, comfortable, and thick-soled. This Hoka model is super-cushioned and provides a comfortable and smooth ride. In short, ideal for running, walking or staying at home.

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoes

These sneakers stand out for their high quality. Also, have outstanding shock absorption and cushioning. And they’re considered a great choice for those who are prone to shin splints. Besides Brooks are very lightweight, given balance and supportiveness. Further, they’re so breathable, that’s to say, a good alternative for those who run for many hours at a time. In the same vein are great if you have a wide foot.

Asics GEL-Nimbus 23 Road Running Shoe

Photo: Amazon

Besides its Rearfoot Gel cushioning technology, these sneakers have:

  • Soft material under the heel that helps to reduce shocks every time you beat the ground.
  • Remarkable midsole flexibility
  • A malleable mid-foot panel Fits accurate to size with a tight-medium interior structure

In short, these are one of the best sneakers for shin splints.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Road Running Shoe

These shoes are suitable for distance runners. And because of their rocker shape, they allow you to reach most speed while jogging. They also have the advantage of being durable and designed for long mileage. For example, they can last up to 500 miles, when running shoes last between 300 and under 500 miles.

They also include extra coverage in the heel that fits almost like a sock. Their special design surrounds the ankles for a more secure fit.

In conclusion: if you have frequent problems once you run or do your exercises, please consider this kind of sneakers. Meanwhile, go to our shop and check the new collections.

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