Top Tier Trends on June 16, 2021- Sneakers Alert

Hey, sneakerheads, how you doing? Welcome to a new entry of the Top Tier blog. This time, Top Tier Trends on June 16 will take a look at the brand-new sneaker drops and styles. We invite you to keep reading and get the sneakers you like the most.

So, keep an eye on the sneaker releases of the week. And, sooner or later, you will be going to visit our store and buy one of these models. So, let’s start now!

Sole Capitol SneakerFest is a sneaker event for everyone, on Top Tier Trends on June 16, 2021

For the third time this year, it comes to Fort Lauderdale the Sole Capitol SneakerFest. This is a sneaker event for everyone dedicated to buying – selling – trade, and network. And it will be the next July 18, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Xtreme Action Park.

With more than 1000 guests in the last event, they realized that they have to run it back. So, this event brings together Florida’s largest collectors, vendors, and all the sneakers you can imagine under one roof! Besides, it will be music while networking, and having a great time.

Sole Capitol it’s one of the favorites spots to cop and sells all the kicks and apparel you can think of. Also, the event will make sure to do its part in buying and selling protection by offering legit checking services.

On other hand, they have added cell phone reception boosters throughout the venue. Besides, they will make sure to have a concession stand and liquor bar outside the entrance doors. And you can find a personalized menu at the Restaurant to ensure you higher quality food.

This event will be hosting over 70 vendors. And you’re welcome to bring any of their merchandise such as clothing or kicks into the event to sell. But you are not allowed to bring in racks of clothing if you are not a vendor. That’s to say, you can bring a wagon but will not be permitted to bring in more than 8 pairs of shoes into the event.

For more information, you can contact them via Instagram or Email:

  • @Solecapitol

That’s a piece of excellent news, don’t you think? So, let’s continue with more news in Top Tier Trends on June 16…

Let’s check the new Puma & Ferrari “supersonic” sneakers, right here on Top Tier Trends on June 16

Ferrari and Puma teamed up again in a collaboration with a pair of shoes suitable for pilots. This time, instead of designing a shoe to wear in the car, a shoe inspired by a car was created. That is, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The result is the Puma ION F.

With a futuristic appearance, you can get the ION F in red (Rosso Corsa), black, and white (Puma White). The upper runs from the collar like a sock to the toe cap. Besides, its angular and curved silhouette, like the car it references.

The ION F, which joins Ferrari and Puma’s already extensive fashion collection. You can get them for $550 on the websites of both brands. And they will soon be available for sale.

So far, you are liking these trends on June 16? If don’t, take a look at the next…

Converse CX, a lot steps forward in innovation.

Top Tier Trends on June 16 features the new Converse CX. So, the century-old brand’s most fashion-forward and comfortable line got some news. And now they arrive with three revamped versions of the classic Chuck Taylor:

  • The All-Star Disrupt CX
  • The Chuck Taylor Disrupt CX
  • The Chuck Taylor All-Star CX

According to Converse, expectations have been completely exceeded. For example, they have already produced 15 editions of the original release to meet demand.

Converse arrives with four models:

  • Chuck Taylor All Star CX
  • Weapon CX,
  • Aeon Active CX
  • Run Star Motion

But, what’s new?

  • Extreme comfort
  • The advanced manufacturing technology
  • The fit
  • Stride and stride

According to Converse, the special fit provides underfoot comfort. Also, ease of use through foams and materials such as the brand’s elastic canvas. As a result, it adapts to the foot and makes it easier to put on.
For example, the tread ensures comfort under the foot, new proportions, and posture. All thanks to the CX foam and EVA foams. In terms of stride, most of the new CX styles rely on new rubber outsole designs. This improves traction and durability.

The first Converse will be available worldwide starting June 16 at Meanwhile, the Chuck Taylor All-Star CX and Weapon CX will be released later this fall. The Aeon Active CX is expected to launch at the end of the year.

In Top Tier Trends on June 16 will bring you the latest news about these Converse models. By now, just wait until it comes to the stores coming soon.

These Top Tier Trends on June 16, 2021, were incredible. Or not?

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