Nike SB Grape

Nike SB Grape: a frutie style?

If there is one thing that makes some brands great, it is their ability to reinvention. And within those changes come innovations that make history. In this case, we are talking about the Nike SB Grape, which since 2015 continue to cause a furor. Its materials and construction make it ideal for basketball and skateboarding. But, like everything from this brand, they go beyond. Just take a look at their style. Trendy or frutie style? It is upon you.

Nike SB Grape is far beyond the colorway issue

Believe it or not, these sneakers were in the middle of controversy because of their color. Yes, we are not joking. In 2015, when the tennis shoe industry seemed to have moved on from the grape colorway issue, this style arrived. So, Nike decided to release the Nike Dunk High SB Black Grape. And what a surprise they gave…

There were many reasons for collectors to hate this style: first, because of the plastic piece and the overuse of grape color. But this is a shame because there is not suede like this since. Also, it is not a surprise to see a plastic piece like that in every pair of SB’s. In other words, if you want something unusual, consider this: These sneakers are uniques and easy to wear with decent materials. That’s why some influencers recommend these marvelous grape tennis shoes.

These sneakers are kind of a send-up to the Air Jordan V Black Grape. But complete with J5 style netting on the side. Also, they come with black and teal laces. So far, nothing strange with these kicks. And then, what happened? They were very versatile for a style so presumably intended for basketball. Or for a silhouette that is more in line with skater tastes. Let’s see more about the Nike SB Grape, a style that still calls the attention of sneakerheads.

One of those sneakers that go with just about anything

Photo: Stockx

The Nike SB Grape has striking aqua and teal accents that, oddly enough, make them versatile. One of the reasons is that their mostly black upper helps with that. That is because it matches with both dark and very light tones.

These kicks are ideal with dark jeans and a black t-shirt. If you are a woman, the blacktop is a hit. You can also mix with lighter t-shirts or tops. But an amazing result would be with a dark-colored sweatshirt or coat. These Nike look great with light jeans. Also, you can mix with lighter t-shirts or tops. Although, a great result would be with a dark-colored sweatshirt or coat. These Nike look great with clear jeans. Similarly with white t-shirts and white tops, because they stand out in style. No matter if you wear skinny or regular jeans, these kicks are terrific in those outfits!

Another advantage of the Nike Dunk High SB Black Grape, as they are also known: their comfort. You better know than anyone how the Nike’s fit your feet for a smooth ride. Even though the outsole looks stiff, their suede upper it’s smooth. So, it gives the flexibility and durability you need. Plus, it pays off how lightweight they are. Thus they make them perfect for your favorite sports.

While they are not Nike’s top line, they have merit

It’s no secret that the Nike SB Grape is not top of the line. Sure, compared to other top models from the brand. But their suede is perhaps their biggest draw, especially when they were released way back six years ago.

On the other hand, part of its merit is its soft texture. That is, even with use, it keeps its smoothness and not the surface of cheap sandpaper. In conclusion, if you like excellent materials, these kicks will have to be yours. And you can get them for $125.

Are you one of these sneakerheads that hated Nike’s SB Grape? Or, are you willing to buy these kicks? Let us know in the comment section. And, please, visit our shop. Maybe sooner or later you’re going to find these tennis shoes.

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