Top Tier Trends on July 2, 2021- Sneakers Alert

How you doing sneakerheads! It is a new entry to Top Tier Trends on July 2, 2021. Let’s take a look at the brand-new sneaker drops and styles this week. So, keep an eye on the sneaker releases, because sooner or later you will be going to visit our store and buy one of these models. Therefore, welcome to these trends!

Are Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh’s Nike Air Force 1 the most anticipated sneakers this year? Let’s find out on Top Tier Trends on July 2, 2021

Unless you’ve become a compulsive hoarder, it’s always better to have two than one. And with that “it takes two” decree, Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh’s sneakers were launched. These are 21 pairs of Air Force 1s made in partnership between Nike and the French fashion house.

In late June, the ‘Air-Vuitton’ came during the Louis Vuitton men’s spring-summer 2022 runway show. Attendees saw a collection of more than 20 pairs of Swoosh and LV monogrammed sneakers. The colored ones caught attention, such as green, white, metallic blue, lemon yellow, and red. Even Vuitton’s now-iconic “Damier” check is sure to revolutionize online shoe stores.

For Air Force 1 fans, the collab with Vuitton means “one of the most successful sneakers ever created.” But Abloh focused on the Air Force 1 that appeared on the cover of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s single, “It Takes Two.” That is, this cover embodied the hip-hop early practice of bringing together high fashion and sportswear. As a result, it set aside divergent brands with equal reverence.

This Louis Vuitton-Nike partnership by Abloh is a bit out of the ordinary. All because it’s about making the sneaker a super-luxury item. But in previous collaborations, they making high-fashion design accessible. For example, through sneakers of $250 or less. We are keeping an eye out for the release date and a cost that is not cheap at all.

So, let’s continue with more news in Top Tier Trends on July 2.

Source: Amazon

Anime fans wait for Adidas’ One Punch Man sneakers. Take a look at Top Tier Trends on July 2

Bait x 'One Punch Man' Adidas Montreal
Source: Footwear News

Bait’s new collaboration with Adidas comes with the One Punch Man sneakers. Anime fans will remember that this series tells the story of Saitama. He is a bald hero who protects the inhabitants of Z City from a group of monsters. Saitama is so powerful that he can beat creatures that no one else can defeat with a single blow from his fist. Hence the name of the series.

A few years ago, Saitama inspired a brutal fitness challenge for strength. Besides, another season of the series is coming soon. As a result, comes this new collaboration between Adidas and streetwear brand Bait. And it is based on the Montreal model they paint with the iconic colors of the character in the series.

According to Adidas, the One Punch Man are already available on the official Bait. But to get them, you need to earn the right to buy one of the pieces from the collection. Then you must register in sweepstakes that the same brand organizes. Would you do it? Meanwhile, let’s read about more trends on July 2, 2021.

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Here comes the new Reebok Outdoors Training Shoes

Source: Reebok

With Nano X1, Reebok is giving its latest training shoe an upgrade. They are a new interpretation of exercise shoes designed for the gym or outdoors. Also, feature a stretch ripstop material that gives improved breathability. Besides, they have elements to protect the upper zone, with an anti-microbial sock liner.

The Nano X1 design has:

  • Bungee-inspired shoelaces
  • A drop-in Floatride Energy midsole for extra responsiveness
  • And a lugged rubber outsole for the most traction

You can get these sneakers in both men’s and women’s sizing on July 8 at and Reebok retailers. And you can buy them for a $130 price tag.

Now let’s see the latest news on Top Tier Trends on July 2, 2021.

If you usually wear black, you should wear the Adidas Yeezy Boost inspired by Jackson Pollock

Source: GQ

There’s practically an Adidas Yeezy for everyone. But the ones we’ll introduce you to are tailor-made for those who almost always wear black. And they are perfect to break the monotony and they are also almost a work of art.

These sneakers reflect the life and work of Jackson Pollock. Born in Wyoming in 1912, Pollock is one of the most prolific American artists in history. And he was one of the representatives of 20th-century abstract expressionism. His style is commonly known as “dripping paint.” In other words, he applied paint without clear order in the form of splashes of various colors.

That aesthetic of these Yeezy boosts that will be released this year. You can identify them by splashes in shades of orange, blue, and yellow. To complete the style, they have a translucent Boost outsole that sits flush to the ground. If you are up for it, you can get them in October for $220.

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