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What’s up sneakerheads all over the world! It’s a new entry to Top Tier Trends on July 27, 2021. Please take the time to check the brand-new sneaker silhouettes and styles this week. Also, keep an eye on these releases… You don’t know if sooner or later you’re going to visit our store and buy one of these models. Welcome again to our weekly trends!

Pj Tucker’s Air Jordan 1s with which he celebrated the NBA title. Check this out on Top Tier Trends on July 27, 2021

trends on July 27
Source: Jason of Beverly Hills

It’s incredible to see how every so often, there is an Air Jordan 1 release that only a lucky few get. This time it’s NBA basketball player PJ Tucker. The Milwaukee Bucks’ power forward wore to the finals game against the Suns a pair of sneakers that caught all eyes.

They are an Air Jordan 1 model customized by Dominic Ciambrone, The Shoe Surgeon, and Jason of Beverly Hills. The last one is jewelry specialized in creating diamond-covered pieces for its customers.

trends on July 27

Although the crocodile skin texture stands out in these sneakers, the Swoosh and the label hanging from the laces are what stand out the most. This is because each lace has more than 2,000 diamonds. As a result, there are about 32.74 carats in this pair of sneakers. The diamonds are also set in 150 grams of 14-carat white gold.

This small fortune on Tucker’s feet it’s estimated at $250000. Kind of like taking a fancy house for a walk when you feel like it. Let’s see what else is new on Top Tier Trends on July 27th, 2021. 

Vans joins the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s “Black Album”. Let’s bang your head with this kicks on Top Tier Trends on July 27

Metallica’s Vans SK8-Hi.

Along with the release of “The Black List,” an album in which artists from various genres paid tribute to Metallica, come other surprises. Vans also joined the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the “Black Album,” the best-selling album in the history of heavy metal. The brand launched this July 26 its SK8-Hi and Slip-On models with designs by the artist Pushead.

This artist has worked for the band since 1986. This is how he put on Vans’ dark fabric a skull on a wooden stake with a bandage. The result was two pairs of iconic sneakers that prolong the band’s legacy on the feet of their fans. You can get the SK8-Hi in $85, and the Slip-On in $70. But we are sure that when you see them, you’ll want to rock like never before.

Metallica’s Slip-On.

So, what’s next in Top Tier Trends on July 27? Keep reading…

Jordan Zion 1 USA, the shoe of an NBA player not in the Olympics

Zion Williamson is one of the youngest and most promising players in the NBA. So much so that his performance with the New Orleans Pelicans seemed to lead him to be one of the members of the USA Basketball team in the Tokyo Olympics. Although this did not happen, this has not been an obstacle. As a result, he collaborates with the launch of the Jordan Zion 1.

While the design of the shoe is for basketball, it also works for streetwear. However, it has all the features a top-performance player needs. For example: 

  • Lightweight, so it doesn’t overload the legs.
  • Excellent materials,
  • Great cushioning
  • Jordan design with Zion cello
  • And, perhaps most importantly, the colors of the selection.  

Meanwhile, you can get this kicks for $120 in In Top Tier Trends on July 27, we are waiting for them. Do you think the same?

Jaden Smith’s took inspiration in 1970s in his latest collaboration with New Balance

Source: New Balance

This is the second collab of Jaden Smith with New Balance. In this opportunity, the new launch is called the Trippy Summer Pack. These kicks include two new colorways based on the New Balance x Jaden Smith Vision Racer collection. As a result, including a hoodie and t-shirt with multicolored graphics inspired in Smith’s past and future album artwork. Also, for the feature track titled Trippy Summer.

According to a New Balance press release, the collection draws inspiration from the luminous colors found in nature. Besides, Jaden’s desire to spread positivity and promote change.

In other words, you can find in these tennis shoes groovy 70s vibes featuring: 

  • Off-white uppers splashed with the colors of the rainbow
  • Styles in orange, green, and purple accents with a white stocky sole
  • The second option is in pink, green, and blue ombré sole

The Trippy Summer Pack will be available on Friday, July 30th, on And you can get it for $150. 

Do you want more Top Tier Trends on July 27, 2021?

Hey! How were our Top Tier Trends on July 27, 2021? Above all, feel free to share your comments. Most importantly, for specialized recommendations, Top Tier Kickzz news, and more, please check our blog every week. Good luck, sneakerheads friends!

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