best shoes for sand and water

Beach trips require the best shoes for sand and water

best shoes for sand and water

When you’re near water, whether you’re swimming, playing, diving, or just hanging out and relaxing, you can’t do without the protection of proper footwear. That’s why when you go to the beach you need the best shoes for sand and water. It makes all the difference because you also need enough traction and safety for water sports and beach activities. 

The right pair of shoes will also give your feet a comfortable wearing experience. I mean, you also want to look good whether you are very active or if you only want to relax under a beach umbrella.

Let’s see some tips when you’re going to buy the best shoes for sand and water.

Keep in mind when you want to buy the best shoes for sand and water

To know which are the best shoes for sand and water you buy, you should consider this:

Materials. Mesh is the most popular material in this type of product. It has the advantage that it is very light and allows water to pass through them, although some are waterproof. In addition, the meshes are also durable and have a high tolerance to moisture without spoiling. Although, there is another ideal material for this type of shoes, such as canvas. If you choose canvas, you will also benefit from its comfort and durability.

Protection. The best shoes for sand and water usually come with a closed toe. That’s because it guarantees assurance for your toes, both under and out of the water. That’s to say its design allows them not to remain flooded both inside and on the sole.

Traction. Not overlook this quality, as walking on slippery and wet surfaces requires a good grip on them. Likewise, these shoes must provide stability at all times and on any surface. That is, the design of these shoes it’s for water activities, also walks on the shores of the beach, rivers, and lakes.

best shoes for sand and water

Size. It’s vital to get the right size. That’s to say shoes should fit in your foot securely. In that way, your feet do not move around too much in the shoe. In other words, they should mold to your foot to give it more support. 

Style. This type of footwear is not the most popular because its models and colors are limited. However, there are models with low and high soles, with or without laces. That is its design according to the aquatic activities you are planning.

Now it’s time to choose the best shoes for sand and water. Check them!

These are the sand and water shoes you have to buy

At Top Tier Kickzz, we suggest you some of the best shoes for sand and water. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy that trip to the beach with safety, comfort, and style.

Pastaza, water shoes for diving, snorkeling, surfing, pool, beach, and water sports

Source: Amazon

These shoes protect your feet when you are practicing your water sport. They also prevent possible stinky odors because of their breathable elastic fabric, which dries quickly.

In addition, the sole it’s very ergonomic, with non-slip rubber. It has seven holes underneath, which provide better drainage so that your feet can breathe better. They also have an excellent fit for your feet. As a result, these are one of the best shoes for sand and water.

Saguaro, minimalist shoe

Source: Amazon

When you wear this shoe, you’ll think you’re barefoot. But, this does not mean that your feet will be unprotected. This model is perfect for trail running or outdoor sports. Its design has the shape of your foot and gives you better ergonomics. Likewise, its exterior is in polyester and spandex, breathable and quick-drying materials.

On the other hand, its non-slip rubber sole will provide much safety when stepping on wet surfaces. It also has a breathable insole with drainage holes for better air circulation in your feet. The Saguaro is unisex and fits perfectly to your feet, thanks to its elastic lace. 

Cressi, the unisex par excellence

Source: Amazon

This Italian brand specializes in the manufacture of this type of shoes. Its good reputation is due to its excellent quality Velcro upper. They are also breathable, easy to dry, and the sole is of very resistant non-slip rubber.

In the same vein, they have a great fit and are very comfortable to wear. Also, protect your feet every minute.

How to use this kind of shoes?

To increase the lifespan of the best shoes for sand and water, take note of the following steps:

Examine them. Check the shoes for holes or imperfections. If you find these, don’t wear them. It’s time to change them.

Measure them frequently. This way, you open their entrance a little bit, and you can insert your foot easily.

Closure. If your shoes have zippers, tighten them until you feel them firm so that your feet are not loose.

Wash them. Just because the shoes stay wet doesn’t excuse you from washing them. Always rinse or wash your shoes after going to the beach. Remember that salt and sand are corrosive and can damage them.

The most important thing: take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations to choose the model that suits you best. 

The advantage of using the best shoes for sand and water is that they protect your feet from bumps, sharp rocks, scrapes, hedgehogs, and glass debris. Likewise, their traction prevents you from slipping and falling on slippery surfaces.

Which are your favorites ones? Let us know in the comment section. 

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