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How are you doing, sneakerheads? It’s a new entry to Top Tier Trends on August 18, 2021. Like every week, we show you the brand-new sneaker styles and releases. You don’t know if sooner or later you’re going to visit our store and buy one of these models. Welcome!

With three colorways and a City Pack, Nike Air Max BW celebrates 30 years on the market. Take a look at Top Tier Trends on August 18, 2021 

Trends on August 18

The release of Nike Air Max BW was in 1991, shortly after the Air Max 90. Their popularization as streetwear was due to their similarity to the ’90s and their widespread use during rave parties. 

This year the brand wants to pay tribute to the model with three designs presented in a City Pack. That is to say, Nike has inspiration in two European cities and one North American city. For example, green for Rotterdam, gray for Lyon, and orange, for Los Angeles.

On the other hand, all models combine their colors on the insoles. Also, the word of their respective city is on the heels and tongue. A release date is not yet known. So, we’ll keep an eye out for it because these customized models will sell out quickly. Keep discovering more releases here at Top Tier Trends on August 18. 

The white Nike Air Force 1’s from Justin Bieber’s latest look is a must this summer. Read it on Top Tier Trends on August 18

Source: Instagram

Justin Bieber is beyond his musical hits. He is a living fashion and style icon. For example, this streetwear look could easily be within reach of your pocket. 

Just appreciate his Lacoste polo shirt, oversized basketball shorts, and the icing on the cake: white sneakers. They are the classic and always comfortable white Nike Air Force 1

At Top Tier Trends on August 18, we assure you that this look will be the benchmark for the rest of the summer. Do you like this look? Have you ever felt so close to the style of a pop star? Let us know in the comments.

Trends on August 18
Source: Nike

HU NMD, the David Beckhams’s unique touch of style

David Beckham is another one of those icons who imposes styles almost at the speed of light. In other words, he ‘invites’ the men of this planet to improve their styling. In a few words: he is a reference to streetwear and fitness. 

Now the sneakers he wears during his workout routines set the tone. In a post on his Instagram Reels, he let us see a limited edition model that, as if for a change, is completely sold out. 

Source: Instagram

These are the HU NMD sneakers, a special edition Adidas model designed by Pharrell Williams. Although this collaboration dates back to September 2016, they are still a hit. And so much so that it re-released was in March 2021. 

The HU NMD’s come in a pastel pink colorway that contrasts with a jet black. They also bring the plus of being ideal for your workouts because of the technology in its elaboration. For example, its Primeknit upper gives it great flexibility and more solid support. The Boost outsole allows for more energy in each step without sacrificing comfort.

Other features that stand out are:

  • Its grid-shaped side panels serve as eyelets to interlace the laces and better adjust them to the foot.
  • Japanese kanji on the upper of each shoe, which translates into English as ‘human race.’ 

Once new material is in stock on the Adidas website, you can get them for $220. Would you wear them? In Top Tier Trends on August 18, we love them!

Source: Adidas

What’s missing: Ned Flanders’ collab with Adidas

McCarten sneakers, based on Ned Flanders, are the new bet of the Simpsons collab with Adidas. After the collaborations with Moe, Apu, and Duffman, it’s the turn of the self-righteous Ned Flanders. 

Adidas is going to immortalize Flanders with one of its most stately silhouettes. This way, it will give him the look of Ned’s everyday loafers. 

Ned Flanders Adidas McCarten Los Simpsons

The color combination of these McCarten’s is on the tones that Ned wears in his outfit: his green sweater and salmon shirt. On the other hand, the brown may have to do with his hair or his characteristic mustache.

At Top Tier Trends on August 18, we still don’t know the fate of its release, but we’ll keep an eye on them. Do you like them, or do you think they would be ideal for your father? We want to know your answer. 

Do you want more Top Tier Trends on August 18, 2021?

Hey! How were our Top Tier Trends on August 18, 2021? Above all, feel free to share your comments. Most importantly, for specialized recommendations, Top Tier Kickzz news, and more, please check our blog every week. See you soon sneakerheads!

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