best shoes for your back

Back pain? Check out the list of the best shoes for your back

best shoes for your back

If you have back problems, you will most likely need certain products that minimize pain in this area. That is why the best shoes for your back are ideal for your recovery process. For example, wide-soled shoes can be a good option for you. In addition, the design of this type of shoe allows absorbing the impact of your foot strike better than an ordinary shoe. 

On the other hand, choosing a light shoe with a firm sole and a relatively wide heel is ideal to avoid hurting your back. Also, keep in mind a shoe with a heel between two and four centimeters to avoid hurt your back. In other words, shoes too flat and with very high and thin heels can force the muscles to exert excessive efforts.

It is a fact that the type of shoes we wear is related to ailments in this part of the body. As a result, when we walk, each of our steps has an impact on our back. So having the right pair of shoes will help your lower back not to hurt. But, if you wear uncomfortable shoes, the chances are that your lower back will be affected by this.

In Top Tier Kickzz, we want to show you some of the best shoes for your back. So, take note if you suffer any ailment in your back to get the ideal shoe in your recovery process. 

What to look out for when you go shopping sneakers for your back pain

What should you look for when choosing the best shoes for your back? Read the following tips and be sure to make the best decision:

  • They should allow free movement of the toes to feel free when walking.
  • They should be made of natural materials and not excessively hard or rigid. This way, you avoid chafing or discomfort, although they should fit your foot comfortably.
  • Choose closed and laced shoes. These can adapt better to the width of your foot without oppressing it too much.
  • We recommend that you buy this type of shoes in the late afternoon. It’s the time when your feet are more dilated. Therefore, you will notice if they have enough capacity to accommodate your feet.n
  • Take a look if they are lightweight, have a firm sole and a wide heel. The wider the heel, the greater the stability and the lower the risk of injury. 
  • Be sure if their materials are natural fabrics or not, for example, leather for the winter season or canvas or fabric for the summer. Find out if they are not made of synthetic material because they will increase the sweat on your feet. In addition, some of their dyes can cause allergies.

Remember that it is the shoe that should adapt to your foot and not the other way around.

Now it’s time to know some of the best shoes for your back. Keep reading!

These are the proper shoes for your back (at least in our opinion)

Generally, the best shoes for back pain are running shoes. That is, for their cushioning benefits and soft tread. Here is a brief list of shoes that are best suited to treat your back pain.

1) DailyShoes Women’s Sneakers Slip-on Walking Memory Foam Shoes

Source: Amazon

Crafted with synthetic materials in addition to a rubber sole with a 0.5-inch heel. Their sporty design makes them comfortable for daily use. Also, its thick rubber sole offers cushioning that makes your walking or jogging something that does not affect your back.

2) New Balance 626v2 – Men’s Slip Resistant Shoe

They come with outstanding features to keep feet suitable and secure on every terrain. Its main characteristic is the slip-resistant outsole. That’s to say, it’s ideal for dry/wet circumstances, also for soapy, wet, or oily conditions. In that way, this guarantees that you will feel safe on your feet, no matter the situation. Besides, its leather upper is both breathable and comfortable. These shoes are ideal for those with wide feet.

3) Katliu: Cool Slip-on shoes 

You can find them in colors like black, gray, yellow, and red, also are wide-soled shoes made of synthetic materials. In addition, they come with an anti-slip rubber sole that gives you stability on any terrain. In the same vein, their inner sole has a cushioned insole and a lacquer that eliminates stinky odors.

4) Orthofeet Tahoe – Women’s Adjustable Strap Shoe

Source: Healthyfeet Stores

It’s an athletic shoe with a wide opening and 3/8″ extra depth, easy to put on and off. Its foam padding on the tongue and collar will cushion your feet as you walk with comfort. Also, it has an EVA midsole and rubber outsole to resist corrosion. Finally, because its anatomic construction helps to correct and lessen pain in your feet and joints.

5) Rockport: We Are Rocking Chranson

These shoes guarantee you more comfort in every step because they combine leather, synthetic fabrics, and a padded inner lining. Likewise, its rubber sole has a heel of 1.25cm. that will give you more stability. They are ideal shoes for a formal look because they come in brown and black colors.

Finally, they are shoes with professional finishes in which comfort and practicality make them a perfect model to minimize the impact on the foot generated by each step.

Have you ever need a pair of shoes that help you to ease the back pain? Do you agree with this list of some of the best shoes for your back? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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