best men drivers shoes

How to choose the best men drivers shoes?

The best men drivers shoes should give more importance to comfort than to safety. That is to say, car drivers who do not wear proper footwear to press the pedals are more likely to suffer an accident.

It becomes so dangerous to drive with inappropriate footwear. That is why in many countries, this could be grounds for a fine. In other words, if the policeman notices that your footwear does not guarantee freedom of movement in the vehicle and may interfere with safe driving, he will fine you.

So, after this explanation, what are the ideal shoes for driving? 

  • Those that prevent your feet from slipping on the pedals and give you a good grip on the pedals. 
  • The ones that do not have long laces or ornaments can get caught on the vehicle’s linings.
  • Those that, due to their size or weight, avoid stepping on two pedals at once.

Based on the above, you should avoid driving with flip-flops, high-heeled shoes, or boots. Instead, the best thing you can do is drive a car in suitable shoes for this activity and then leave them in your car after arriving at your destination.

The best men drivers shoes are those that are well fastened to your feet while driving. Likewise, they are those with which you correctly transmit the force to the pedals, and they do not slip.

Let us take a look at other characteristics that this type of footwear should have. Take note because your safety at the wheel is priceless. Or better, it has the price of ideal driving shoes.

It is how you identify the ideal footwear for driving

best men drivers shoes

The best men drivers shoes are those that guarantee direct contact with the pedals and give you freedom of movement while driving. However, for short or long journeys, they should offer you benefits such as:

  • Support. The foot should fit snugly, not tightly, inside the shoe. However, it is essential to avoid looseness.
  • Flexibility. These shoes should be almost like our second skin. In other words, they must adapt to all the movements we make, especially those that require great speed when we are behind the wheel.
  • Breathability. To avoid overheating of the feet and allow them to breathe naturally. In addition, the materials of the shoes and socks must be breathable.
  • Comfort and lightness. If they are not comfortable and we drive for many hours, our movements or reactions can be affected while driving the car.

Keep in mind that the best men drivers shoes should not tire your feet too quickly. Besides, in case of an emergency, they allow you to react quickly. 

Some of the best men drivers shoes you can find in the stores.

Now that you are clear about the characteristics of the shoes you should wear when driving, let us see what you can find in the market. But, first, I would advise you that sometimes it is better to wear extra shoes and change them every time you get in your car. 

It may be a bit tedious, but over time it is a good thing. Why? Because it allows you to be ready with a pair that is loose, light, and flexible. For example, running shoes help to slow down the fatigue of your feet and, as a result, drive comfortably and safely.

On the other hand, men’s dress shoes can also be a good option for safe driving. However, make sure they are not too tight or brand new. That is to say, new shoes are usually uncomfortable at the beginning, and they can rub some parts of your feet, thus affecting your driving skills.

Now it is time to check some of the best men drivers shoes. 

Driving mocs, the best men drivers’ shoes?

Driver shoes start to be popular in the 1960s, especially with sports car enthusiasts. In the first place, they wanted a proper shoe that would perform well when driving fast cars. But, this kind of style rapidly became adopted for a large number of regular drivers.   

As a result, it developed flexible shoes that would feel exceptional on the pedals of an automobile. Consequently, appear the driving mocs, shoes designed with benefits such as flexibility, comfort, durability, and longevity. Also features:

  • Rubber pebbles on the bottom of the shoe. It allows gripping the car pedals. 
  • A little bit heftier in its construction.
  • Versatility, because you can wear them for non-automotive plans.  

One of the most popular driving mocs is Minnetonka P.W. It is an old-school driving moc design for men. Also are ideal if you are looking for leather driving shoes with renown.


Another driving moc you can consider is Naples from Jay Butler. According to Ian Chandler, co-founder of Writing Launch and specialized in men’s fashion, business, and marketing:

“This shoe pulls inspiration from driving mocs and loafers to create a stylish hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. The structure of the Naples is like a classic driving moc but feature a slightly sleeker silhouette and a more modern look”.

Last but not least, you can choose the Gommino by Tod. These shoes have the perfect equilibrium between driving shoes and daily wearability. Besides, the Gommino’s have a black rubber sole crafted to help them stand up to a bit of inclement weather and day-to-day use.


Do you wear this type of shoes for driving? These are part of the best men drivers’ shoes, or do you have other choices? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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