Top Tier Trends on September 8, 2021- Sneakers Alert

How are you doing, sneakerheads? It’s a new entry to Top Tier Trends on September 8, 2021. Like every week, we show you the brand-new sneaker styles and releases. You don’t know if sooner or later you’re going to visit our store and buy one of these models. Welcome!

Adidas Yeezy slides are the most desired luxury footwear on the planet. In Top Tier Trends on September 8, we tell you why 

Trends on September 8
Source: GQ

Kanye West continues to break the mold with his collaborations. And the best example of this is the Yeezy slides that last weekend became the most desired luxury footwear in the fashion world. According to the renowned Lyst index, these shoes are number one in terms of global fashion interest.

On the other hand, this remains definitive proof that Kanye West will continue to revolutionize the world of sneakers and footwear in general. That is to say, when the rapper’s name accompanies any product, no matter what it is, it is synonymous with million-dollar sales.

The large virtual endless queues collapse in the cloud and, in short, a bombarded Internet. It is the hype that causes the rapper when it comes to collaborating with big brands. Because of this, the Yeezy slides will continue to sell out in a matter of minutes.

The Yeezy slides first appeared in April 2020 as the first model in Kanye West’s line for Adidas. The three-stripe brand will release this model every two months. In the meantime, you can find out their availability on their app, Confirmed. In Top Tier Trends on September 8, we’ve been waiting for your comments once you buy them.

Denim and earth tones define the new look of the Air Jordan 1 Low. Let’s check it on Top Tier Trends on September 8


Denim will always be part of our closet, no matter what the fashion trends are. However, total denim has come to blend into the DNA of the Air Jordan 1 Low. Check out what it’s all about.

The indigo dyed fabric focuses on the panels of this model with some slightly distressed finishes. Also, the overlays come with a darker navy blue hue. 

However, to match the denim appears brown covers the swoosh, the lining, and the Air Jordan ‘Wings’ logo on the heel. Another color that takes center stage, despite its slight presence, is red in the thread stitching that silhouettes the swoosh and colors the Jumpman on the tongue. 

If you are interested in the Air Jordan 1 Low Denim, you can get them for $110 on Nike’s website. Let’s see what else Top Tier Trends on September 8 brings us.

New Balance 990 v3 and Levi’s, an epic collaboration

Source: New Balance

The New Balance 990 v3 by Levi’s is the summit of the collaboration of this pair of brands with an epic product. Although, fashion insiders say that what came out of this union is a product that is as American as possible. 

On the other hand, the “Indigo” and “Grey” colors are already part of these sneakers, providing a striking mix of tones and textures with many details. For example, they feature a base layer composed of Levi’s popular Shrink-To-Fit denim, used in the legendary 501 jeans. Likewise, we can see the suede overlays inspired by the back of the leather patches of the legendary jeans.

While the “Indigo” colorway mixes different shades of blue, the “Grey” contrasts its two shades of gray with hints of cream. Likewise, both models feature Levi’s branding stitched to the N logo on the quarter panel. The price is estimated to be $330. And this is a sample for today on Top Tier Trends on September 8

Source: New Balance

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