best shoes for white water rafting

Which are the best shoes for white water rafting? Because extreme sports require extreme cautions

Rafting is a medium to high-risk sports activity that consists of descending rivers on a boat. It has become popular in the last 30 years and has become a recreational hobby for the whole family. But like any practice that involves some risk, it needs proper clothing. This time in Top Tier, we will talk about the best shoes for white water rafting because safety is above all.

Rafting footwear is vital for the protection of your feet

If you are looking for rafting shoes, look for those with rubber soles because they allow adhesion to wet surfaces. Never wear sandals or flip-flops, they do not protect you, and you could get hurt on the rocks if you fall into the water.

The best shoes for white water rafting should have good soles. That is, not only the risk of falling into the water can hurt the soles of your feet. Also, the river banks have some sharp stones, and if you are going to start the rafting activity, you may have to walk on slippery rocks. For this reason, your footwear should have a good sole. 

Although shoes for walks on the beach may be appropriate, try to avoid hiking boots. In other words, although they do protect your feet, they are not very advisable because they absorb a lot of water and become very heavy. Likewise, they are not ideal for swimming and are a risk you should not take when rafting.

If you decide to go rafting or maybe want to do it sometime in your life, invest in a proper pair of shoes. Many times people overlook this and go with used shoes that they don’t mind destroying. But for the practice of this type of activity with a certain level of risk, the ideal would be:

  • Water sports shoes
  • Running sneakers
  • Closed-toe training shoes

So let’s see why you should opt for the benefits of the best shoes for white water rafting.

Rafting has its specific footwear. See why

With the advances in the footwear industry, it is no wonder that there are specific shoes for rafting. Although many big brands have them available at a high cost, there are also affordable options. 

Although we already told you how water sports shoes are competent for rafting, consider some things. Namely, the best shoes for white water rafting offer advantages such as:

  • Ease of drying
  • More traction and support
  • Better ability to drain the water once they are out of the river
  • Neoprene lining to insulate the feet against cold temperatures. 

However, even if you still don’t care about the shoes you wear for rafting, make sure they have a closed toe. That’s why we insist: don’t go barefoot, nor with sandals or flip-flops!

On the other hand, water sports shoes can create a cushion for your feet in the water. That is, they keep your insides dry while the outside absorbs water.

If you’re buying the best shoes for white water rafting, make sure you choose a pair that offers all the support you need. For example, they should have strong heel traction. We also recommend that those rafting shoes comply with the established safety measures and do not hinder the practice of this extreme sport at all.

Let’s look at some models of the best shoes for white water rafting and what they have to offer.

Some of the best shoes for white water rafting in the stores

To sum it all up, if you can only buy one pair of rafting shoes, then having one general purpose pair of them. But, the most important thing: try to get a pair that best suits the type of river you will be running. 

Plus, if you will be using them with a drysuit often then, take into account:

  • Sizing up a little
  • Choosing up a pair of neoprene socks that you can wear to help stretch them out. 
  • High traction and good toe protection

Those are some of the best shoes for white water rafting in the market:

Scuffler – Astral Designs

Source: Rafting Magazine

Made on high-performance TR1 frames, this is one of the most sturdy and varied trail shoes. Also, their TPU overlays fight abrasion while a synthetic suede harness help and protects the midfoot. Finally, seamless lining and foam give Cadillac-like succor for cruising through any area. You can get these shoes for $ 125.

Trailcross – 5.10

Source: Rafting Magazine

These Adidas shoes let you practice push and hike in any terrain with a breathable, quick-drying design for taking on the adventure. Also, they’re ideal for rafting because:

  • Cord closure
  • Normal fit
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Boosted ankle collar height for security
  • Lightweight, durable EVA midsole

If you want to buy them, the price is $ 140.00.

Cressi Adult Neoprene Diving Boots with Anti-Slip Rubber Sole for Water Sports Ibiza 3mm

Source: Amazon

These lightweight boots are ideal for rafting because of their Super Elastic Neoprene. Besides, provide the best comfort within the ultra-durable sole. In addition, the back of their heels has a unique design ideal for scuba diving. Also, they have bulky nonslip molding that covers the entire sole. You can get them between $24.95 – $45.75. 

Mares 2mm Neoprene Warm Water Non-Slip Rubber Sole Boot

Source: Amazon

One of the best shoes for white water rafting stands out for:

  • Their rubber handle soft sole
  • 2mm thick
  • Ankle boot
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry
  • Textured outsole for grasp

You can find these shoes in stores for $23.95 or $47.26.

Whatever your goal, remember that the best shoes for white water rafting are the ones that protect your feet. They are also the ones that allow you freedom of movement for both walking and swimming. Don’t forget to stop by our store if you’re looking for quality sneakers that fit your style. 

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