Best shoes for African safari

The best shoes for African safari must be comfortables and very light

The main feature that the best shoes for African safari must have is comfort. Also, you don’t need to buy specific safari boots or hiking shoes to go to Africa. We only recommend that you purchase this type of shoe if you want to take advantage of future trips or safaris.

In general, you will find that boots will be your best ally for these types of trips. Although, you can find more variety of technical footwear of sporty cut equally comfortable. However, we insist on comfort, as you will most likely be sitting for several hours inside a vehicle. Additionally, you will have to walk short to medium distances over arid terrain with some stretches.

Besides comfort, the best shoes for African safari should have thick soles to protect your feet from thorns, stones, and high temperatures. However, as a compliment, you should also wear other footwear, for instance, sandals or flip-flops for a stream or when you go to the hotel pool. 

If you decide to wear open footwear at some point during the safari, use mosquito repellent. However, avoid rubber footwear if you use mosquito repellent containing DEET because this substance can break down the material.

In short, you should include in your suitcase to go on safari comfortable shoes, covered, with thick soles and hopefully a little used. That is, to prevent discomforts such as blisters and chafing. We also suggest that if you want to buy something, we recommend that you wear them a few weeks before so that your feet get used to the shape and feel comfortable.

Let’s look at some models of the best shoes for African safari. But, remember, these are not necessarily those heavy and warmly hiking boots.

Which are the best
shoes for African safari?

The best shoes for African safari are not only boots or closed shoes. You also consider a good pair of waterproof shoes because they prevent you from getting your feet wet when a sudden downpour falls on the savannah.

However, in the market, there is footwear known as “safari boots.” These are comfortable boots that offer security to your feet during treks. However, to take advantage of the safari, you do not need commercial brands. It’s just about enjoying this adventure.

If there is an opportunity to visit some city destination during the safari, consider the OCA Low Washed Black Canvas shoe. It is a stylish and durable sneaker made of durable canvas. It also features a hybrid leather and memory foam insole that makes it comfortable no matter how much you walk. It’s a very slim shoe that looks good for a long time.

best shoes for african safari
OCA Low Washed Black Canvas shoe.

Safari boots that mix
elegance, style and durability

But if we’re going to insist on a safari boot for virtually any situation, go with the Napa. That is, you can wear them to a barbecue or on a picnic. In addition, these boots have a great design and materials designed for your safety and comfort.

Napa safari boots.

Among the best shoes for African safari are the leather elastic safari boots. These boots come with a soler cut of bugui leather, leather lining inside, and stretchy. In addition, this unisex shoe offers protection in the front and a wide rubber sole for a secure footing.

Leather elastic safari boots.

Another shoe for walks in the countryside or a safari is the sport leather boot. It stands out for its split leather with stitching on the outside, leather lining, padded insoles, rubber sole, and the back part designed with a tongue. In addition, it is easy to adjust due to its cotton lacing and excellent protection due to its rounded toe.

Sport leather boot.

Brands specialized in safari footwear

Within the world of the best shoes for African safari, some brands take care of the unique details for this type of footwear, for example, Salomon Quest Gore-Tex boots. These shoes are ideal for their waterproof and sturdy characteristics. Also, they have exceptional grip, tread, and high ankle assistance to cope with the rough jungle conditions. In short, they keep your feet well preserved from any harmful creatures.

Source: Amazon

On the other hand, we have the Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots. According to the brand, these boots have been field-tested daily by anti-poaching units. One of the best shoes for African safari because of their versatility in combat, trips, and the high street.


For walking safaris in hot areas, the propper is shoes between a big clumpy boot and a sandal. So, we suggest a walking shoe with good grip and support with a thick sole. As a result, take a look at North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX. They are an excellent option because of their waterproof benefits and long-lasting materials.

Source: Amazon

In conclusion, the best shoes for African safari are a mix of comfort, durability, thick soles, and lightweight. Do you want to see them in our shop? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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