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How’s it going, our fellow sneakerheads! Welcome to Top Tier Trends on October 13, 2021. Here we come with more Halloween releases and news in the world of the most fashionable tennis shoes.

Justin Bieber and his Nike Dunk Low with a lot of social sense. Read more in Top Tier Trends on October 13

Source: GQ

That an artist like Justin Bieber is back in a Nike Dunk Low doesn’t seem big news. But, whether these sneakers represent support for a good cause is another matter.

We talk about the Nike Dunk Low ‘Move To Zero’ Pale Coral, a model Bieber wore during The Event. This is an event organized by the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to raise much-needed resources for children and youth in Las Vegas and Atlanta. 

Although at first glance, they are just another model of the Dunk Low, they do present some noticeable differences. For example, on a white leather background matching the midsole, these Dunk Low stand out for the baby pink or pale coral color that dyes the Swoosh. In addition, the heel, toe cap, side panels, laces, and eyelets give a sweet and naive touch to this model.

Let’s see what the big brands that we love so much are here at Top Tier Trends on October 13, 2021.

The Squid Game boosted sales of Vans’ classic white slip-on by 7,800%

Source: Netflix

If you want your costume for this Halloween, go for the traditional white slip-on from Vans. That is to say, if you’re already in the mood for ‘The Squid Game’ and want to dress up based on this series, run and get these sneakers.

And is that it has been so much hype that has caused this Netflix series. For instance, the sales of these sneakers increased by an outrageous 7,800%. In other words, it seems that everyone would like to dress up for Halloween based on this Korean series.  

Source: Amazon

We’ll see if this coming October 31, many people will show up with their green sweatshirts and white Vans in the best style of the characters in the series. Anyway, if you like these sneakers, take advantage of the fact that they are still available at the Vans online store. That’s our recommendation in Top Tier Trends on October 13, 2021.

The Nike Dunk Low Halloween arrived to give style to your date with darkness

Source: Nike

It’s a shame that Halloween night is so short. However, its spooky spirit invades us from before and leaves us a lot of style in several garments. So, this time Nike brings us news for this date with the Dunk Low Halloween.

Last week we talked about the Air Force 1 ‘Skeleton’ model, and now comes this version of the Dunk Low. Here we can see how the orange and black are the protagonists of this new Nike proposal for Halloween. 

On the other hand, orange stands out on the swoosh, lining, tongue, and insoles, while black dresses the overlays. Meanwhile, the rest of the sneaker goes in a cream tone. In that way, highlight some details like its fluorescence in the dark. 

Source: Nike

That is to say, you will be able to see the menacing-looking eyes that are intuited in the light but take full force in the dark along with the shiny sole. In other words, the perfect effect for walking at night in those sinister places,

Finally, we don’t know the release date either, but we at Top Tier Trends on October 13 will keep you posted. 

Two models of sneakers that will take you out of the trend of the brands you know best

Source: Axel Arigato

Moving away from the collaborations we are used to, let’s look at two proposals with a classic tone. On the one hand is the Swedish brand Axel Arigato, a Swedish firm known for its haute couture designs and taste for minimalism. They bring for this Fall-Winter 2021 a collaboration with the art of Keith Haring, with a limited edition of minimalist cut.

The intervention of this silhouette shows us Haring’s hearts as a representation of love. In addition, it is his view of support, acceptance, and the right to manifest love for all equally. In short, this is achieved by mixing Arigato’s Clean silhouette to present these clean-cut sneakers. Do you like them?

Vintage appeal

Let’s now take a look at this Lacoste proposal that retains its classic spirit but with a slight retro reinterpretation that is more eye-catching. As a result, they present classic sneakers with a twist in their silhouette: 

  • Clean lines
  • Geometric silhouettes
  • Vintage feel 

In this way, they become the perfect complement to a timeless and subtly elegant style. In conclusion, they are ideal and a sample of the fashion that Lacoste proposes for the spring of next year.

The official launch date of these sneakers is not yet known. But, it should be very soon because the Day of the Dead is on November 1. We will keep an eye on the price and release date in Top Tier Trends on October 13.

Do you want more Top Tier Trends on October 13, 2021?

Hey! How were our Top Tier Trends on October 13, 2021? Above all, feel free to share your comments. Most importantly, for specialized recommendations, Top Tier Kickzz news, and more, please check our blog every week. See you soon!

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