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Hello, sneakerheads! Welcome to Top Tier Trends on November 3, 2021. Here we come with more releases and news in the world of the most fashionable tennis shoes. Take a look at your most desirable autumn-winter tennis shoes. Welcome!

New Balance 327 flatters women with three fall styles. Get to know them at Top Tier Trends on November 3

Trends on November 3
Source: New Balance

New Balance and its latest silhouette, the 327, is here to stay. Now, the brand with the big N on the side brings the ladies three proposals that will impact their fall-winter outfits. Check out what will surprise us with this model that came out last year. Besides, they have already conquered several sneakerheads.

First of all, they come with a model in classic black color, ideal for your fall-winter looks. This silhouette is characterized for its N in a matte pink tone that gives it a sexy color touch. 

Source: New Balance

Secondly, and in a lighter tone, come these New Balance 327 in a chocolate tone. They also have the appeal of cream accents for the N and midsole that gives them a sleek and sophisticated look.

And last but not least, there’s the multicolor touch. Also, in the autumn or in the winter it’s worth wearing colors, isn’t it? Obviously, this model of New Balance 327 is more spring-like, but even in winter, it’s okay to look your way. In addition, during the day there are moments of sunshine. As a result, you can show off pastel shades of green, lilac, and orange in these sneakers. 

Source: New Balance

Keep reading more about more types of sneakers on Top Tier Trends on November 3.

Nike Overbreak, another reason to smile at fall. Read more in our Trends on November 3

We don’t know if, in reality, this model of the new Nike Overbreak will have a great reception. But we can assure you that they will not go unnoticed. For now, we’ll tell you that its design, a fusion of Blue Ribbon Sport and OverReact, is transgressive and daring. That is to say, it is not the typical retro sneaker that we incorporate into our outfits as a must. However, it’s nothing that a little time will fix.

Trends on November 3
Source: Nike

All of the above to announce that two limited editions of this model will soon be in stores. These are the Hot Curry and Armory Navy that stands out for:

  • Its striking sole and midsole.
  • Being sneakers that weigh much less than they appear to be
  • Great comfort
  • Shades that evoke futuristic eras 
  • Youthful appearance. 
Source: Nike

If you’re a bold person who doesn’t like convention, these shoes are for you. Finally, their two color palettes, hot curry and armoury navy, work great in your fall looks. We, in Top Tier Trends on November 3, love these sneakers. What about you?

Unite your passion for Sci-Fi and sneakers with the new Dune models brought to you by APL

After its box office success, it was only a matter of days before Dune-inspired sneakers hit the market. But what surprised us is it wasn’t from any of the brands we usually review. However, boy, did they exceed our expectations! See why.

Although we already anticipated that these sneakers were not launched by well-known brands, here is what surprised us. It’s APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs), which developed three models based on the aesthetics of this Netflix series. But what pleased us most was that both their appearance and technology fit these proposals without great stridency.

The collection consists of three models already available on the APL website. And the only element that makes the collaboration obvious are the templates. Just because they have the graphics and the name of the film. The rest is inspired by the brand.

These are the three Sci-Fi
ultra-cool models

Source: APL

On the other hand, in Top Tier Trends on November 3 want to share you what each sneaker comes with. First up is the APL Superfuture Harkonnen, which have:

  • A leather upper
  • Fit to the feet with elastic straps
  • Synthetic panel overlays.   
  • TPU protections that reinforce the foot.
  • Velcro straps on the collar ensure a proper fit.
  • Load ‘N Launch technology. It was banned by the NBA because it increases vertical jumps by nearly 3.5 inches.
Source: APL

The second Dune-inspired shoe is the TechLoom Bliss. This sneaker focuses on the planet that gives its name to the series. Thus this running shoe bases its design on the endless dunes seen in the film. In addition, the TechLoom Bliss has the following features:

  • Beige nylon mesh 
  • Propelium midsole, with better performance than traditional EVA 
  • Anti-impact insole.

Finally, the brand presents its proposal reflected in the Caladan forest, home of the Arteids. This is how we appreciate the TechLoom Defender, a turquoise green silhouette, water-resistant, and moisture repellent. It is also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Source: APL

On the other hand, the Lycra tongue allows for an excellent range of motion. Meanwhile, its interior features a vapor-resistant barrier. Additionally, it features a dark blue sole that offers maximum traction.

For Top Tier Trends on November 3, they are a definite must-have if you are a hardcore Sci-fi fan. What do you think?

Do you want more Top Tier Trends on November 3, 2021?

Hey! How were our Top Tier Trends on November 3, 2021? Do you think about what sneakers you are going to buy for the autumn-winter season? Or do you prefer the APL’s Dune sneakers collection? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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