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Hi, sneakerheads! Welcome to Top Tier Trends on November 10, 2021. Here we come with more releases and news in the world of the most fashionable tennis shoes. Let’s continue with some of the most desirable autumn-winter tennis shoes. Welcome!

Puma, Adidas, and New Balance come with three sneakers that will go well with all your winter looks. See more details on Top Tier Trends on November 10, 2021

Trends on November 10
Source: Puma

Winter is practically at our feet and with it the proposals of sneakers for this season. But we not only expect them to come in colors that match our outfits, but we also want them to keep our feet at a comfortable temperature. So let’s take a look at three brands that have done their homework to get us through the winter in style.

First, we find the light but cold tones of the Puma Mirage. It is a low-cut but punchy model that combines breathable mesh and suede. In short, they are perfect sneakers for winter. In addition, it is padded lining in the ankle that guarantees comfort and warmth stands out. Also, its rubber sole with a perfect grip keeps your footing firm in winter. These sneakers can be yours for an average price of $128. Now is the turn of Adidas in Top Tier Trends on November 10.

It is the Adidas winter proposal

Trends on November 10
Source: Adidas

This season the brand of the three stripes arrives with the Adidas Ozweego. Its proposal is a sneaker that adapts perfectly to winter due to its combination of mesh and suede. In addition, they come with a retro look that brings style to your winter looks. As a result, you will have sneakers in gray and brown colors that bring identity to your outfits. 

On the other hand, a characteristic of the Ozweego is that they are very chunky. That is, they can give us all that elevation and forcefulness that protects our feet. They also cushion each step with Adiprene technology. These advantages make them ideal for winter, and you can get them between $120 – $140. To finish, let’s see what New Balance brings us here at Top Tier Trends on November 10, 2021.

And these are the New Balance 2002R

Source: New Balance

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that with these New Balance 2002R’s, you’re going for the fix this winter. First, they come in a powerful combination of mesh and suede. Second, this brand puts its best technology at your disposal with an N-Ergy midsole and outsole for maximum comfort. 

On the other hand, their muted colorway looks make them suitable for winter. However, the white midsole and lime green touches will brighten up your winter outfits. Get them at the brand’s online store for $140. Keep reading more about more types of sneakers on Top Tier Trends on November 10.

These are the Nike Air Jordan 1s you’ll want to wear this fall winter

Source: Nike

In the world of Nike sneakers and Air Jordan 1s, many color combinations still repeat. However, this fall-winter season they’ve let themselves infected by those earthy hues so typical of those days. In addition, this proposal from the Swoosh brand also seems designed to combine with the traditional chino pants. 

Meanwhile, this Air Jordan 1 model comes with a Sail, or cream canvas base, which looks great with beige pants. They also come with Sandstone Orange overlays made of suede, which makes them unsuitable for rain. They also have a third color, olive green, present in the Swoosh and the inner lining of the tongue and collar.

Finally, the Jordan Wings logo appears in yellow on the heel. You’ll even notice how the white midsole adds an extra touch of modernity.

There is no word yet on the release date of these Air Jordan 1’s, nor their price. We at Top Tier Trends on November 10 are keeping an eye on their arrival in stores.

An Adidas Yeezy that will make you look great in winter


When Kanye West set out on the Adidas Yeezy adventure, he wanted to surprise us at all costs. It is evident in his insect silhouettes, bombastic colors, and futuristic constructions. On the contrary, in simple models. In other words, the unexpected it’s part of the DNA of these sneakers in recent years.

Now, and apparently in keeping with the winter season, comes this silhouette that is quite discreet in shape and color. The Adidas Yeezy 500 “Ash Grey” arrives with several new features. The first one, the Feet You Wear technology in the sole. That is, it is Kobe Bryant’s favorite sole in 1999 and prevents ankle sprains. In addition, this sponsorship and a design that prioritizes the midsole are still present as a strategical part of its sales success.

Likewise, the upper of these Yeezy has a taupe cover that alternates mesh, suede, and leather, creating different levels and textures that make up its structure. They also offer a curvy midsole with a slight animal print touch typical of reptiles. Finally, we will be able to see 3M reflective panels in this model on November 20th. If the Ash Grey caught your attention, have some $230 on hand to wear them this end of the year. At Top Tier Trends on November 10, we recommend them for their modest but impressive style. 

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