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Hi, sneakerheads! Welcome to Top Tier Trends on November 17, 2021. Here we come with more releases and news in the world of the most fashionable tennis shoes. Let’s continue with some of the most desirable tennis shoes in the last weeks of this year. Welcome!

Nike Air Force 1 Color Changing sneakers, with technology at the service of your end of the year look. In Top Tier Trends on November 17, we tell you what it’s all about

Trends on November 17
Source: houseofheat.

We know that Nike’s new releases are unstoppable. We also know that most of them never cease to surprise us. But with the Air Force 1 Color Changing, the brand has already gone to another level. And the fact is that these sneakers created based on Gore-Tex technology are amazing. As a result, the Swoosh brand presents a shoe made with an unusual material that reacts to UV rays by changing color.

In other words, they are sneakers that change from a classic white model to a multicolored one once the sunlight hits them. The magic begins when the sun’s rays touch the all-white model in snow-white leather.

Source: houseofheat.

On the other hand, when they come into contact with the sun, the Nike Air Force 1 Color Changing has these characteristics:

  • A central area is outlined with three wide stripes: one pink, one yellow, and one light blue. 
  • The yellow is responsible for covering the toes. 
  • The purple color appears on the Swoosh and on the eyelet protectors. 
  • Its outsole remains in traditional blue.

For now, the Air Force 1 Color Changing is not available at Nike’s official store. However, you can find them at Deadstock, Kingwalk, or A.S.H. Market. If you want them, these sneakers can be yours for almost $80. Now is the turn of more stylish releases in Top Tier Trends on November 17.

Justin Bieber does his thing this winter with his Yeezy boots


Kanye West recently launched the Adidas Yeezy NSLTD BT, an eccentric winter boot with the soul of a Foam Runner that you can get for $340. However, the first to wear them was Justin Bieber, before the onset of the impending winter. 

The Canadian singer paired these Adidas boots with a white sweater and baggy brown cargo pants. As a result, these boots take center stage by appearing over the pants with their quilted look. In other words, Bieber is keeping up with one of the trends of the season. 

Trends on November 17
Source: Adidas

Likewise, with the release of the Yeezy NSLTD BT, it is more than clear which will be the shades for the end of the year. Consequently, the khaki color fits perfectly with the tones of the outfits to be worn in autumn/winter. This way, Bieber shows how to include the style of these boots in your looks.

How do you like these Adidas Yeezy NSLTD BT, and would you wear them for this coming winter? At Top Tier Trends on November 17, we want to know your opinion in the comments section. 

The New Balance 57/40 “Protection Pack” adds style to your winter look. Check out their features in Top Tier Trends on November 17

Source: New Balance

As we saw with the New Balance 2002R, the big N brand wants to make its mark this winter. That’s why they present their 57/40 “Protection Pack,” which is bigger, flashier, and will keep your feet warm on the coldest days.

In addition, these New Balance shoes come with a vintage feel that reminds us of the iconic 574 silhouettes from the 80s and 90s. Besides, they feature a side XL logo that pays tribute to the 327 models. Also, they come with two stacked soles that reference both the 574s of the 90s. Finally, they stand out for their all-terrain outsole as the trail heritage of the original references.

On the other hand, their design focuses on an understated look featuring a grey and orange colorway. Likewise, underlays made in darker grey synthetic materials add to the model’s autumnal look. As a result, the “N” logos and overlays on the forefoot and heel are on suede fabric in light grey, perfect for winter. 

If you’re a fan of New Balance, these 57/40 “Protection Pack” can be yours for about $140. At Top Tier Trends on November 17, we think they’re an excellent choice for this season.

Puma is making a contribution to the environment with its recyclable Re: Suede sneakers

Source: Puma

The world of textile manufacturing has generally been accused of being one of the most environmentally damaging. It is common to see how these companies are singled out for their carbon footprint. However, Puma wants to catch up with its eco-sustainable conscious users and therefore presents its Re: Suede sneakers.

In other words, this Puma model is made from recycled materials, making it the first biodegradable sneaker. At the end of their useful life, they even become agricultural fertilizer. This is great, don’t you think?

According to Zapatillas y Sneakers, the goal of this circular project that Puma has created is “to achieve biodegradable sneakers that after making a difference in your best streetwear outfits.” In that way, it becomes agricultural fertilizer and extends its useful life beyond the own stylistic use of the shoes. 

If your awareness of environmental protection adds to great style in your outfits, these sneakers with the Suede touch are a must-have. And the best part: you can get them for $70 on Puma’s website. In conclusion, these sneakers are a ‘must-have’ in your closet right now. At least it’s what we think in Top Tier Trends on November 17. 

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