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Happy New Year, Top Tier Kickzz friends! We wish you a splendid 2022 full of the best for you, your family, and your relatives. Once again, we will show you some of the most stylish and desirable sneakers in the world. So, welcome to Top Tier Trends on January 07,  2022, and let’s find out the most fashionable tennis shoes this week. 

New Balance 550 opens in 2022 with Sea Salt Burgundy’s model. More here in Top Tier Trends on January 07

Trends on January 07
Source: New Balance

There is no denying that 2021 was a good year for the New Balance 550 model. Not in vain has it been one of the most coveted by celebrities and influencers on social networks. And for 2022, it is expected that these sneakers, with their proposed combination of water blue tones on the burgundy color, will be of impact behind the white base of this model.

We talk about the New Balance 550 Sea Salt Burgundy, and some of its details are:

  • The light blue color will appear on the iconic number 550 side. 
  • In addition, it will contrast with the burgundy tone on both the traditional N and the retro logo on the tongue.

Those details give the sneaker a sophisticated look ideal for sneakerheads and fans of the New Balance 550. 

For now, we only know that in January, this model will arrive in physical and virtual stores. But we do not know the specific date and price in the market yet. We invite you to keep reading to find out what else we have for you in Top Tier Trends on January 07, 2022.

Nike Blazer Mid Jumbo sneakers, fashion in pink for ladies, but why not for men?

Source: Nike

Last year Nike knew how to take advantage of the somewhat outlandish aesthetics of its Blazer Mid Jumbo model characterized by its enormous swoosh. Now at the beginning of 2022, they present us with a proposal initially intended for ladies in bright pink. But fans of the brand go beyond this detail. That is, they find in this silhouette a much more comfortable option for its sock-like ankle, so you can put on and take off the shoe with ease. 

In this way, Nike takes a leap from the somewhat uncomfortable Blazer Mid ’77 to this much more comfortable Jumbo style. Although the brand has high expectations for fan acceptance, the Mid ’77 model is still hard to beat. But with these innovations, they want to attract those who desire a different touch in their looks. Also, the Blazer Mid ’77 Jumbo comes with thicker laces and seams that claim oversize details.

You can get the new proposal of the Blazer Mid ’77 Jumbo on Nike’s website for $ 110 or $ 130. In addition, although they are in women’s sizes, there are enough options for you to use them as a unisex alternative for your outfits. Meanwhile, let’s see more novelties in Top Tier Trends on January 07, 2022.

Adidas took advantage of the premiere of The Book of Boba Fett to launch their new models inspired by the Star Wars character. Check them out here on Top Tier Trends on January 07

Trends on January 07
Adidas NMD R1
Source: Adidas

The premiere of the new Disney+ series, The Book of Boba Fett, was the best pretext for Adidas to launch two new sneaker models in collaboration with Star Wars. Likewise, the new line dedicated exclusively to the universe of this legendary science fiction saga comes with a futuristic line.

While, in recent years, the brand with the three stripes launched several Star Wars x Adidas models, maintaining a very classic cut. For example, remember the Darth Vader Superstars? However, with other silhouettes, they were more daring. In other words, they almost reached the level of a shoe for cosplayers. Just take a look at the furry Chewbacca-inspired sneakers.

However, the case with Boba Fett has a particular ingredient because he has become one of the Star Wars characters with more presence in the collaboration. That is to say, we already knew some boot sneakers dedicated to this character, but now with the premiere of his TV series, two new models are launched. In Top Tier Trends on January 07, we present them to you.

NMD R1 and Ozelia, the two
styles based on Boba Fett

Source: Adidas

First, we will talk about the Adidas NMD R1, clearly inspired by Boba Fett’s armor. Here we find a structured silhouette in black and a dark green tone with red details. Likewise, we see a distinctive element in the heel that copies its shape in the jetpack of this character.

In second place appears the Star Wars x Adidas model based on the silhouette of the Ozelia sneakers. In this style, we notice the cover with an irregular print of the camouflage we see in the movie. Moreover, these tennis shoes have details based on Boba Fett’s ship in the colors bone, green, and sulfur meteorite, distributed in a curved way on the surface of the last. 

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan or an insatiable sneakerhead, you can already find these sneakers on the Adidas USA website. For example, the NMD R1 can be yours for $140, while the Ozelia is $100. At Top Tier Trends on January 07, we think they’re fabulous. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

How were the Top Tier Trends on January 07, 2022?

Top Tier Trends on January 07, 2022, were full of surprises. Do you think that these sneakers are an excellent option to start the New Year? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

And remember: for specialized recommendations, Top Tier Kickzz news, and more, please check our blog or visit our shop. See you soon, sneakerheads! 

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