Air Force 1s White


Air Force 1s Whites were released in 1982. Since then, these sneakers became a sensation around the world, especially in the basketball scenes. Nowadays Air Force 1s Whites are still an icon of absolute comfort and durability.




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The upper side of the Air Force 1s White shoe is made in Full-grain leather to provides an elegant appearance. The midsole is elaborated in foam to offer a comfortable sensation when you walk or run on these. The sole of the Air Force 1s is rubber made, a material that ensures long life. In the comparison between price and quality we think is a very good inversion.


The perforations on the toe are a classic specification for the shoes with good ventilation and these Air Force 1s Whites count on it. Your feet are going to stay fresh inside of Air Force 1s Whites. Therefore, the quarter panels are a perfect help to supply a breath in these sneakers which were made to keep fresh.


Due to the Nike Air technology, these sneakers have a pressurized air inside a tough. Is so difficult to think of a cushion feature better than this. The heel zone is made to keep a higher balance on the feet to provide more comfort and cushion. As a result, Air Force 1s Whites are one of the pioneers in the sneakers’ history providing softly and springy. These are like a legend in that field. Hence, Air Force 1s Whites are keeping your feet comfortable.


Because of the rubber sole, Air Force 1s Whites are a guarantee of good traction. The rubber is a material that offers good performance on any floor from smooth tiles to concrete. Air Force 1s Whites have been worn by professional basketball players for decades, thanks to their perfect adherence to the floor.


The protection in the heel zone and the rubber sole are a guarantee of good support. Thus, you will never feel the sensation of movement or instability on the Air Force 1s Whites. Because these are an authority that has offering steadiness to customers and athletes for a lot of years. The Metal “AF1” dub rape is the perfect feature to provide stability in the laces. You will have unbeatable support.

Air Force 1s White Fun Facts

Since the first released in the ’80s, a lot of basketball stars wear Air Force 1s Whites. Great NBA players such as Mike Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, and Moses Malone were the marketing faces of Air Force 1s Whites.

As a consequence, there is a great legacy in hip-hop culture. There is a big fanaticism for Air Force 1s Whites. A lot of influential artists like Jay Z, Nellyville and ASAP Rocky used Air Force 1s Whites in their videos, ceremonies, and shows. They have exposed the Air Force 1s Whites as a symbol of Hip-Hop culture.

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