Air Jordan XII Retro


The herringbone weave is featured in this Air Jordan XII Retro as it was to the previous Air Jordan Signature as well. You may face a fitting issue initially. Just don’t be light on your feet. The round edges of the outsole may cause you to trip or lose balance if you are not firm enough with your walk. Just remember to plant your feet and push off from the base. Once you find your ways to be comfortable with the shoe, you will not face any traction issues.


From heel to toe, Air Jordan XII Retro has a continuous zoom airbag cushioning, and all the customers have one thing to say about it, and that is how comfortable it feels. Not just walking, but many customers who have played in these shoes say that they can feel the real comfort when they play in their shoes and that Air Jordan XII Retro is the most comfortable. The cushioning gives the best support to the feet, and your feet won’t get tired quickly. You will love the shoe by just how amazing it looks, but the comfort is the real deal.

If you are looking for a hoop-shoe that has responsive cushion and low profile, then Air Jordan XII Retro is it. It will probably even exceed your expectations. You may initially feel a little clunky in them, but after a few wears, you’ll love it every time you put them on.



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The original Air Jordan XII Retro shoes were made of premium full-grain leather, but the latest Retro models come from a split grain. The new material is not the best when compared to the original ones. But the split-grain was also used in Air Jordan IV White and Cement Retro, and when you compare Air Jordan XII Retro to that, it is much better. To enjoy these, just like the midsole, you’ll have to break them in a little. It definitely won’t take much time because there is literally no ventilation, so your body heat will quicken the process.


The Air Jordan XII Retro shoes will fit perfectly after you break them in a little. Heel lockdown and midfoot works perfectly. Since the material comes from leather, it stretches a little after you wear it a few times. To fix the extra space created after the stretching of the leather, you can simply tie it tighter than usual. Just adjust the laces, and then you will be good to go.


There is nearly no ventilation. They have some mesh attached to the tongue area, but it doesn’t help with the airflow. However, no ventilation would help break the shoe, so it is not a total loss. If ventilation is not a problem for you, then you are good to go. The fit and comfort win over the ventilation, but ultimately, it’s the customer’s priority.


The arch support is one of the best features of these sneakers, according to some customers. The overall fit and lockdown provide great support. NBA players wear these shoes all the time. They are many players’ favorite because of the great support and grip. Air Jordan XII brings something for every customer.

Air Jordan XII Retro Overall

This Retro line is by far the most popular among the customers. Overall, if you are looking for a shoe that has great traction, probably the best cushion, good material, amazing support, nice fit, and very little ventilation, then these are your shoes. This line has evolved pretty quickly and comes with amazing features. Air Jordan XII Retro can outperform some of those other performance models out there.

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