Air Max 95 Pink Foam


The design of Air Max 95 Pink Foam was an inspiration in the human body, is probable that it provides more connection with ourselves. The midsole is similar to the spine, the graduated panels represent the muscles and the laces have the form of the ribs in the shoes. An interesting concept in these sneakers that help us to protect outside and inside our body.



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Due to the specific design, Air Max 95 Pink Foam has great traction. These sneakers have a textured outsole that provides several points of contact with the floor. That kind of outsole is indicated for runners with a high level of competition. Or for those who want a special performance and grip in their sneakers.


This pair has an amazing cushioning system because of the feature of Air. You can relax every day and every night if you train during the nights. It provides shock absorption, and the insole is so elastic. That property protects not just your feet it also has a good performance for your heels, knees, and hip.

Air Max 95 Pink Foam Material

The upper part of the shoes is made in mesh lining a soft material that provides a feminine touch. With a synthetic overlay and a webbing lacing system crossing through nylon eyelets. The swoosh in on one side of the sneakers in an embroidered way and the outsole is rubber made, to provide durability and high quality. More than bringing to the table your traditional materials, these shoes add sustainable pieces. Thus, giving the customer a whole new experience.


The designers of Air Max 95 Pink Foam used an innovative technology that consists of perforations above the Pink Foam. The upper comes in a flexible material to promote the breathability. In that way, the good ventilation of these sneakers is a guarantee. Your feet are going to stay fresh inside of these sneakers.


The laces of these Nike shoes employ an innovator balance system. With them, you have the chance to customize your fit to get better support. The midsole offers a good softly to help your feet in the stabilization of your body.

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