Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe


The ‘80s decade was like an art explosion. The Rock, Pop, and Synth Pop music made a revolution in the music industry. Of course, the Sneakers world could not be the exception. Thus, Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe is a commemoration from that age. Read here how a legendary style can write history again.



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Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe


Talking about writing history again. It is necessary to establish a precedent about These Sneakers. Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe preserves the better components of Jordan’s brand. Consequently, the legendary rubber Jordan’s outsole is there in a black edition. Michael Jordan’s exploits are there to inspire you!


Thanks to the mid-tops Retro 1 Chicago Black gives a better fit for the sportspeople. Moreover, in the tongue’s label area, these have a Jumpman. Unlike Air Jordan 1 High Chicago that has a Nike Swoosh. Then, if you want a customized pair of Sneakers 1 Chicago Black Toe is our recommendation.

The Material of Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe

As the name indicates, these Sneakers employs the legendary “Chicago” Colorway. The innovation for this pair is the “Black Toe” twist. That provides more definition and connection with the black mid-tops.

Chicago Black Toe ensures durability as a consequence of they are leather-based. Likewise, leather overlays are a guarantee of great endurance. Across the side paneling, heel, and flood the toe. You can be sure that these Jordans will resist any condition or exigency.

The leather of this kind of Sneakers is so much resistant. For example, during the ‘80s the members of the extreme Thrash Metal bands. They wore Jordans like Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe.

So, the tours and Mosh Pits are certainly evidence of these Sneakers’ quality!


The Air-Sole unit that Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe employs. It is a feature that offers a signature cushioning. In other words, the Air-Sole unit is a detail that will keep your feet safe and comfortable the whole time. So, This characteristic is part of Nike’s continuous innovation. To offer an outstanding experience to the customers.

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