Jordan Retro 1 Tie Dye Sneakers Collection


The exclusivity in a colorway or design is so much difficult to find. However, there are some brands like Jordan that know how to innovate. Using traditional techniques it is possible to be cool. For example, the Tie Dye is a technique that has more than a century of history. But you will never see a style like this in a pair of Sneakers.



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Jordan Retro 1 Tie Dye

The Traction Of Jordan Retro 1 Tie Dye

Due to the grippy material on their outsole. You can be sure about your good grip on any surface. Retro 1 Tie Dye, comes with a feature to give excellent performance. For example, when you want to rotate on your axis, these Sneakers will keep your feet in place. As a consequence of its high quality and technology.


Because of the colorway, some people think that these Jordans are exclusive to women. But, under our consideration, these Sneakers works for man and women. That is to say, there are a lot of women’s sizes for these Jordans, however, there are sizes for the man too.

To sum up, you are free to get yours and handle your style. Who wants to get a classification at this point?

The Material Of Jordan Retro 1 Tie Dye

The whole upper material comes in Tie Dye leather. A feature that ensures durability and elegance. Moreover, these Jordans provide a relief sensation to the fingers. Thus, these sneakers are not only an optical illusion, Retro 1 Tie Dye is a touch sensation too.

The contrast between green and blue seem to be cracking. To provide another stroke feeling. Also, and talking about the colorway. It would be necessary to fuse a lot of oceans and pearls for a thousand years to get colors like those.


Retro 1 Tie Dye uses the typical Jordan tongue with a wide lacing area. As a result, the upper zone and the frontal part have optimal ventilation. Likewise, the perforations on the toe zone are there to ensure great breathability. Besides, Nike incorporates plenty of vents to these shoes. Consequently, the air is going to circulate over your feet.

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