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The interlacing of black color is a classic and great idea if you know how to use it. For example, in the black interlacing of Jordan Retro 1 White Toe, there are great strokes. Due to the red and white pattern, these Sneakers show how is to develop a simple but brilliant idea. Throughout this description, you will find the specifications for this colorway. Further, the detailing description of the benefits that these Jordans provide.



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Jordan Retro 1 White Toe


These Jordan Retro 1 White Toe version is different from its predecessors in some basic ways. Consequently, in the heel area that supports the foot, these Sneakers do not have the Jumpman. A neutral style that provides seriousness to this version. Moreover, its padded ankle support. It is a timeless feature that Jordan employs in this design to keep its classic and addictive style.


You can do whatever you want with these Jordans. As a result of Nike’s high technology. These Sneakers come with whited-out rubber sole unit conceals. A characteristic that offers grip on any floor. Certainly, you can go relax on any street to run or walk. Also to the court to play, or to the grass to practice your favorite sport. Anywhere Jordan Retro 1 White Toe gives you excellent grip!

The material of Jordan Retro 1 White Toe

To talk about Retro 1 White Toe is not just making a mention about its material. In other words, some specifics areas of these shoes use certain materials. For example, on the toe box, these Jordans come in tumbled leather. A pretty soft material to give quality and elegance. Likewise, the upper use tumbled leather. That is to say, this type of leather is softening with stones. To slightly abrade its texture and make it more pleasant when in contact with the skin.

So, live the experience of feeling that sensation on your feet!

A comparison with Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe

These shoes are similar and different at the same time. So let’s go ahead with the contrast between these!

Firstly, the color of the toe box and the outsole. These are simple differences, but looking at it from a point of style and design. Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe looks darker and wilder.

Secondly, the color of the booty. Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe uses the traditional Chicago’s red booty. It is important because some people prefer the classic style.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the leather quality. Jordan Retro 1 Chicago Black Toe employs regular leather which is stiff leather. If you take a look at the black toe box, the upper, Nike Swoosh, and around the ankle panel you will notice it.

This feature is so much important to consider. As a result of the endurance and texture in which these materials differ. As we explain in the ‘The material of Jordan Retro 1 White Toe’ section.

Jordan Retro 1 White Toe Fun Facts

These Sneakers have been on the market since 1985. They initially cost $ 65, it seems a lie, right? We dream of shoes of this quality for that price. Also, these Jordans are not the first colorway that Michael Jordan wore to play during the ‘80s and ‘90s. But, this colorway has something special. Because more than three decades later these continue to captivate hearts. On the other hand, there is the Chicago colorway. Establishing force and authority in these beautiful Sneakers.

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