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Some time ago the Nike team gets a great idea: ‘Make a sustainable pair of Sneakers’. This idea can be appreciated from the design of its silhouette until the tailoring. Making it with remnants of materials found on the floors of their factories. Nike Space Hippie 02 is a fantastic mix. A merge that combines a new esthetic with a guarantee of unlimited comfort. You may have the feeling of being at Woodstock while wearing these sneakers.



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Space Hippie 02

Fit and size

The upper part of these sneakers is sock-like. In other words, these offer great protection for your ankle. Moreover, Space Hippie 02 comes pattern with plush stripe zones. So, this design will maximize comfort when you are walking or running.

These Nikes are perfect for runners and athletes in general. Further, If you want to feel like walking on the moon. Come on! These shoes are for you. Also, these shoes employ the sock-like feature. A characteristic that provides holding the foot in place.

The Material of Nike Space Hippie 02

The design of the Nike Space Hippie 02 is amazing. As a result, an original style is the perfect description of these sneakers. Likewise, the laceless silhouettes that these Nike employ. Will make you look like a futurist person using materials from the past. Are you ready to wear these?

Imagine yourself for a second using its unobtrusive concrete grey skin color. On the other hand, combining with its smooth crater foam midsole. This is a perfect colorway for an elegant, and exclusive foot.


  • To have a mentality of wanting to improve the environment. Because of these days you can look amazing, and be friendly with our planet.
  • If you want to use a unique style. As a consequence of the original look that these shoes provide to you. These Hippie 02 are your better option.
  • These are not only style and comfort. Moreover, these shoes are for the future of Earth, which is our home planet.
  • The style of the Space Hippie 02, gained a lot of hearts because of its outsole. It is a rustic design for rustic times.
  • The embroidery Nike logo seems like a limited edition. Of course, special editions like this are for special people like you.


  • The ankle zone of these Nike Space Hippie 02 is shortest than the Nike Space Hippie 03. Some people prefer a higher ankle zone.

Bottom Line

On the official Nike page, These Nike Space Hippie 02 are sold-out. Because most people know-how stays in tendency without look like the others. You can be original, and fashionable at the same time. So, just look at these sneakers another time, and get again a polish sensation in your eyes.

The luxury sometimes appears in simple things, and these sneakers are the perfect evidence of that. Help the planet earth while your appearance is awesome.

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